fornæmi (OSw) fornam (ODan) fornæmi (ON) noun

Defined in Þjb 7 as taking away an item belonging to someone else in the presence of the owner. Along with hand-seizure (handrán) fornæmi was considered a lesser form of theft. In the Norwegian laws the term was often used for unlicensed, temporary use of another’s transport, such as a horse or boat (e.g. FrL Rgb 42).

conversion OIce Llb 45 Þjb 7, 16
illegal appropriation ONorw MLL Llb 39, 47
OSw ÄVgL Fös

illegal land use OSw UL Jb
plundering ONorw FrL Rgb 42
taking ODan ESjL 2 Refs:

CV; F; Hertzberg; KLNM s.v. lån, tyveri; LexMA (Diebstahl > C. Rechte einzelner Länder > IV. Skandinavische Rechte)

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