gagn (ON) gögn (ON) noun

Proof, evidence; the men who give such proof during legal proceedings. A definition of what constitutes proof is not given in any of the Icelandic or Norwegian laws, but throughout Grg it seems to refer to formal oaths sworn by neighbors or witnesses to an event. However in Js, KRA and Jó the term is employed in the phrase vitni ok gögn (‘testimonies and proofs’) suggesting that other types of proof may have been admissible.

evidence ONorw FrL Jkb 2
ONorw GuL Løb, Arb, Olb

formal means of proof OIce Grg Þsþ 23, 31 Vís 106, 107 Arþ 125 Feþ 149, 167 Lbþ 176, 202 Fjl 221, 223 Misc 238
OIce Þfb 4 Kge 19
OIce Js Kab 2
OIce KRA 34


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