gælda (1) (OSw) gielda (OGu) gjalda (ON) gialda (OSw) gielda (OSw) giælda (OSw) guldin (OSw) verb

To pay fines, compensations, debts, fees, etc., including phrases referring to paying with one’s life or limbs as punishment. Additionally ‘to cost’ reflected in the translation ‘to be worth’ and in the closely related ‘to be valid’. Often appearing with various prepositions and adverbs.

atone OSw VmL Kkb
be fined OIce Þfb 5 Mah 10
OSw DL Kkb
OSw UL Kkb, Mb
OSw VmL Mb

be valid OSw UL Kmb, Blb
be worth OGu GL A 47
OSw SdmL Bb
OSw UL Äb, Jb, Kmb, Blb
OSw VmL Kkb, Jb

buy OSw YVgL Tb
compensate OSw ÄVgL Kkb, Äb, Rlb, Tb, Fös, Föb
OSw DL Kkb, Bb
OSw HL Mb, Blb
OSw ÖgL Kkb
OSw YVgL Äb, Add

exchange OSw DL Bb
forfeit OGu GL A 28

make good OSw UL Kkb
OSw VmL Kkb

make reparation OSw VmL Kkb
owe ONorw EidsL 32.5
pay OGu GL A 20, 25, 51, 54, Add. 7, 8 (B 49, 55)
OIce Grg Þsþ 63 [and elsewhere possibly] Vís 89 passim
OIce Sg 1 Mah 1 Lbb 1 Fml 15
OIce Js Lbb 11 Kab 2
OIce KRA 1, 6 passim
ONorw BorgL 14.5
ONorw EidsL 3.4
ONorw FrL Intr 16 Tfb 1 KrbA 2 KrbB 4
ONorw GuL Krb, Kpb, Arb, Leb
OSw ÄVgL Kkb, Rlb, Tb
OSw DL Mb, Bb, Tjdb
OSw HL Kkb, Äb, Mb, Jb, Blb
OSw KrL Kb, Gb, Äb, Jb, Bb, Kmb, Hb, DbI, Add
OSw MEL Kb, Äb, Jb, Eb, DbI, SmbI
OSw MESt Kb, Gb, Äb, Bb, Kmb, Rb, DbI, DbII
OSw ÖgL Db, Jb, Kmb
OSw SdmL Kkb, Kgb, Äb, Jb, Bb, Kmb, Mb, Rb
OSw UL Kkb, Kgb, Mb, Jb, Kmb, Blb, Rb
OSw VmL Kkb, Kgb, Äb, Mb, Jb, Kmb, Bb, Rb
OSw YVgL Kkb, Äb, Rlb, Föb, Add

pay a fine OGu GL A 16, 24
OSw HL Mb, Kmb
OSw ÖgL Bb

pay compensation ODan SkBL
ONorw GuL Løb, Llb, Tfb, Mhb
OSw MEL Bb, Kmb
OSw VmL Mb, Bb, Rb

pay out OGu GL A 29
produce OSw MEL DbII
proffer OIce Grg Fjl 221
purchase OSw HL Rb
put down OGu GL A 28
recompense OSw YVgL Tb, Rlb, Föb
redress OGu GL A 25
remit OIce Kge 14
repay OIce Kge 15
OSw UL Äb, Kmb

replace OSw VmL Kkb
requite OSw SmL
return OSw ÄVgL Rlb
tender in payment OIce Kab 6

gielda eptir (OGu)

pay for OGu GL A 65

gielda firi sik (OGu)

pay for OGu GL A 65

ransom oneself OGu GL A 28

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