fylki (ON) noun

In Western Norway and Trøndelag (Mid-Norway) the law districts were subdivided into provinces called fylki, a unit corresponding roughly to the Anglo-Saxon shire. The Gulathing consisted of six fylki. In Western Norway (except Agder and Sunnmøre) these provinces were further divided into quarters (fjórðungar, see fiarþunger) and eighths (áttungar, see attunger). A smaller unit was the herað (see hæraþ), corresponding roughly to the Anglo-Saxon hundred. ONorw fylki as a smaller unit of land was used similarly to ODan bygth (see bygd) (cf. von See).

county OIce Js Kdb 7
ONorw FrL Tfb 4 Mhb 24

province ONorw GuL Krb, Kpb, Kvb, Løb, Llb, Arb, Tfb, Mhb, Tjb, Olb, Leb
region OIce Grg Ómb 143 Refs:

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