fullrétti (ON) noun

An action, usually of a defamatory nature, which entitled the offended party to receive full personal compensation. Also refers to the compensation paid for such actions. The amount constituting full compensation varied depending on time and region. A fine of 48 ounces is listed in Grg Misc 237, whereas in GuL and FrL compensation amounts differed according to the social class of the aggrieved party. Types of offenses requiring the payment of full compensation also varied but were generally associated with breaches of honour, such as verbal insults (ON fullréttisorð; Grg Misc 237) and sexual offenses, such as intercourse with another man’s bride prior to the wedding (FrL KrbB 13). Minor breaches may instead require payment of half compensation (ON halfrétti).

damages OIce Mah 3
full compensation OIce Mah 14, 20 Llb 36 Kab 3 Þjb 6 Fml 25
ONorw FrL KrbB 13 Mhb 17 Var 15 ArbB 10 Rgb 34 Kvb 1
ONorw GuL Mhb

full personal compensation OIce Grg Þsþ 80 Vís 111 Misc 237
OIce Kge 1
OIce Js Mah 22, 23

personal atonement OFar Seyð 1, 5 Refs:

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