hemul (OSw) heimul (OGu) heimill (ON) hemol (OSw) adj.

at one’s free disposal ONorw GuL Kvb, Olb
authenticated in legal ownership OSw UL Jb
confirmed (ownership of goods) OSw HL Mb
defended OSw ÖgL Kmb
having a warrantable right OIce Grg Tíg 260
having proven warranty OSw MEL Jb

legitimate ONorw FrL Kvb 16
possessing a legal right OIce Llb 2, 3 Þjb 16 Fml 28
responsible OSw HL Kmb
rightful (ownership) OGu GL Add. 7 (B 49)
warrantable OIce Grg Feþ 144
OIce Js Kvg 3
OIce KRA 15

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