hemuld (OSw) hemlen (ODan) heimild (ON) heimilð (ON) hemold (OSw) hemul (OSw) hemult (OSw) noun

Related to the noun hem (OSw) ‘home’. A seller’s (or donor’s etc.) authority to release property (landed or not) to a buyer (or other recipient), as well as his responsibility to prove this authority; i.e. essentially evidence of being the rightful owner.

authentication OSw UL Mb, Jb, Ad. 12
OSw VmL Mb

consent ONorw GuL Løb
defence OSw ÖgL Jb Kmb
defence of a purchase OSw ÖgL Jb Kmb
defence of possession OSw ÖgL Kmb
legal right to something ONorw GuL Llb
legal title OIce Llb 1, 71 Þjb 4
OSw KrL Tb

right ONorw FrL LlbB 3
OSw ÖgL Bb

title ODan ESjL 3
ODan JyL 2
ODan VSjL 82
OSw SdmL Bb

warrant ODan ESjL 3
ODan SkL 233

warranty OIce Grg Lbþ 172, 174 Rsþ 227
OIce Js Lbb 10, 15 Rkb 1 Þjb 3
OSw KrL Jb


i hemuld standa (OSw)

stand guarantor OSw UL Mb, Jb VmL Mb, Jb

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