husa (OSw) huse (ODan) hysa (OSw) verb

Sheltering an outlaw was illegal. Similar concepts could be expressed in terms of feeding and meeting with them. Keeping stolen goods in one’s home was another offence occasionally expressed with this verb (ODan SkL).

accommodate OSw UL Blb
OSw VmL Bb

build a house OSw ÖgL Bb
house ODan SkL 141
OSw HL Kgb
OSw SdmL Kgb

provide house OSw HL Kgb
shelter ODan JyL 2
OSw UL Kgb, Kmb
OSw VmL Kgb, Kmb


husa ok hema, hysa ok hema, husa ællær hema (OSw) hysa eþa haima (OGu)

house and shelter OSw MEL Bb SdmL Kgb

give shelter or lodging OSw UL Kgb, Kmb VmL Kgb, Kmb

shelter or house OGu GL A 2

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