hofþa (OSw) høvthe (ODan) höfþa (OSw) verb

Derived from a noun meaning ‘head’. In ODan, used of participation in an oath sworn by many, such as an entire village (SkL). In OSw, used of swearing a pre-oath (that was to be confirmed by fellow oath-takers) by the defendant (DL), by witnesses concerning marriage (SdmL) and by the hæraþshöfþingi ‘district principal’ concerning cases of eþsöre ‘the king’s (sworn) peace’ (YVgL). Also of paying compensation in killing-cases (DL).

administer OSw KrL Hb

begin an oath OSw DL Rb
dictate OSw MESt Hb
dictate an oath OSw SdmL Till
OSw YVgL Add

give an oath ODan SkL 72
participate in an oath ODan VSjL 77
pay OSw DL Mb
prescribe an oath OSw YVgL Add
swear ODan VSjL 76 Refs:

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