mætsmæn (pl.) (OSw) miætans mæn (pl.) (OSw) miætsmæn (pl.) (OSw) mætansmæn (pl.) (OSw) mættens men (pl.) (OSw) mæzmæn (pl.) (OSw) noun

Literally ‘measuring men’. Combined the function of surveyors, assessors and collectors. Often appear in the plural, which implies that they worked in pairs or groups, but nothing seems to be known of their status or appointment.

assessors OSw DL Bb, Rb
OSw KrL Bb, Kmb, Rb, Tb, Add
OSw MEL Bb, Tb
OSw SdmL Bb, Kmb, Tjdb
OSw UL Mb, Blb
OSw VmL Mb, Bb

bailiffs OSw UL Rb
OSw VmL Rb

evaluators OSw ÖgL Bb, Kmb, Rb
OSw YVgL Add

measure men OSw HL Blb
measurers OSw HL Rb
measuring men OSw HL Blb Refs:

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