næmdarmaþer (OSw) nævndeman (ODan) nemda maþr (OGu) nefndarmaðr (ON) næmdamæn (OSw) næmningaman (OSw) noun

The first and the last four above are formally similar and have the same etymology. Historically the OSw næmningaman also belongs to this context. Nevertheless, these words differ considerably in their semantics over the Nordic area.

In ONorw this term refers to a delegate from the fylki (q.v.) to the lögþing (see laghþing), whereas in OIce (Jó) it refers to a delegate, appointed by the valdsmaðr (see valdsmaþer) from the assembly district (þing) to the General Assembly (alþingi). In OSw, OGu and ODan it most often refers to a member of a næmd (q.v.), and occasionally a man appointed to another assignment (such as, in DL, making a request to the bishop from the householders). In VgL, it refers to a local delegate, as well as a representative of the king, dealing with certain legal matters, possibly responsible for the skiri (i.e. part of a hæraþ (q.v.)). The næmningaman in SdmL was possibly a member of the folklandsnæmd ‘provincial panel’ authorized to pass judgement besides the lawman (laghmaþer) and the judge (domari).

chosen man ODan ESjL 1
commissioner OGu GS Ch. 4
OSw DL Kkb

delegate ONorw FrL Tfb 5
ONorw GuL Krb

juryman OSw KrL Rb
OSw ÖgL Rb

man in a panel OSw SdmL Kmb, Rb, Till
man of a {næmd} OSw HL Äb
named man OSw ÄVgL Md, Slb, Jb
OSw YVgL Kkb, Frb, Drb, Tb, Jb, Föb, Add

nominated man ODan ESjL 1
OIce Þfb 2

panel member OSw UL Rb
OSw VmL Kgb, Rb

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