nýmæli (ON) noun

A new law issued by the Icelandic Law Council (ON lögrétta) or by the Norwegian king. Several provisions throughout Grg are marked as new laws, and there has been some speculation concerning whether these provisions were enforced or retained as law, in part due to the stipulation in Grg Klþ 19 that new laws become void if not recited every third summer. In Iceland new laws were announced at the General Assembly (ON alþingi; cf. Grg Vís 101) and at autumn meetings (ON leið) in each quarter of the country.

new information ONorw FrL LlbB 6
new law OIce Grg Klþ 18, 19 Þsþ 61 Vís 101 Lrþ 117 Arþ 118 Lbþ 202
new ordinances ONorw GuL Krb Refs:

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