land (OSw) land (ODan) land (OGu) land (ON) noun

1) arable land, 2) province, kingdom, 3) ground, 4) shore, 5) property, 6) countryside as opposed to town and 7) parcel of land. As a place-name element, it means ‘large island or peninsula’ for example Öland, Langeland, Lolland.

authorities OGu GL A 4, 13, 21, 24, 28, 37, 63, 65, Add. 6 (B 49)
country OGu GL A 28
OGu GS Ch. 3, 4
OIce Grg passim
OIce Kab 10
OIce Js Mah 1, 28 Kab 3
ONorw GuL Krb, Kpb, Kvb, Løb, Llb, Arb, Tfb, Reb, Mhb, Tjb, Olb, Leb
OSw DL Kkb
OSw SdmL Kgb

countryside ODan JyL 2
OSw SdmL Jb, Kmb
OSw UL Mb, Jb
OSw VmL Jb, Kmb

estate OIce Grg Tíg 266
island OGu GS Ch. 1, 3
islanders OGu GS Ch. 3
kingdom ONorw FrL Rgb 3 LlbB 5
land ODan JyL Fort
ODan SkKL 3
OGu GL A 49, Add. 8 (B 55)
OGu GS Ch. 1, 3
OIce Grg Bat 114 Arþ 122
OIce Þfb 5 Mah 2
OIce Js Mah 5
ONorw BorgL 9.3
ONorw GuL Krb, Tfb, Leb, Mhb, Kvr
OSw HL För, Kkb, Kgb, Blb, Rb
OSw SdmL Äb
OSw UL Kgb, Mb, Jb, Blb
OSw YVgL Urb, Rlb, Kvab
OSw ÄVgL Urb, Kva

landed property ONorw GuL Mhb, Krb
people of the island OGu GS Ch. 1, 2, 3
people of the land OSw HL Rb
province ODan ESjL 1−3
ODan JyL 2, 3
ODan SkKL 11
ODan SkL 139, 217
ODan VSjL 16, 87
OGu GL A 1, 2, 8, 53
OSw DL Kkb, Bb, Gb, Tjdb, Rb
OSw SdmL Äb, Kmb, Tjdb, Rb, Till
OSw UL Kgb, Äb, Mb, Jb, Kmb, Rb
OSw VmL För, Kgb, Äb, Mb, Kmb, Bb, Rb
OSw YVgL passim
OSw ÄVgL Urb, Äb, Gb, Rlb, Tb
OSw ÖgL Eb, Db, Vm

provincial assembly ODan VSjL 50
shore ODan JyL 3

flya land (OGu)

go into exile OGu GL A 2

innan lands (OSw, ODan, OGu)

at home OGu GL Add 1 (B 4)

within the province OSw YVgL Urb, Tb ODan JyL 2 SkL 90, 133, 146 VSjL 86

land allt, land alt (OGu)

This phrase is used exceptionally in GL to refer to the general assembly in particular, as opposed to lower level assemblies, rather than simply ‘all men’, where fines are concerned. It is cited in reference to the escalating levels of fines that could be imposed by these various bodies.

general assembly OGu GL A 31

landar allir, landi allir (OGu)

general assembly OGu GL A 2, 4, 9, 12, Add 1 (B 4)

lands syn, lanz syn (OGu)

sight of land OGu GL A 49, Add 8 (B 55)


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