lögbaugr (ON) noun

A ‘legal ring’. Four types of legal ring are outlined in Grg Bat 113, which recounts the division of wergild among the victim’s family members. In FrL lögbaugar are a fine submitted to the king by the perpetrator of certain types of injures. These fines are in addition to wound compensation (ON sárbót) and doctor’s fees paid to the injured person. Bj (NGL I:306) stipulates that injuries committed by multiple persons at a marketplace (ON kaupangr, see köpunger) required lögbaugar to be paid both to the king and the men of the town. [CV equates lögbaugr with höfuðbaugr, but this does not appear to be correct? In Grg Bat 113 a höfuðbaugr is called the ‘main ring’ and refers to the first category of lögbaugar, i.e. the three-mark rings.]

ring (wergild) fixed by law OIce Grg Bat 113
ONorw FrL Mhb 16, 17

wergild ONorw FrL Mhb 11 Refs:

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