landaurar (pl.) (ON) landeyrir (ON) noun

This was a toll exacted by Norwegian kings, paid by Icelanders (and by Norwegians engaged in the Icelandic trade except c. 1022–c. 1030) when entering Norway (before c. 1022 when leaving Norway); after c. 1022 payable instead in the Shetlands or Orkneys if visited prior to arrival in Norway. It consisted of either six ells of wadmal and six cloaks or 1/2 mörk of impure silver. The duty to pay landaurar was abolished for Norwegians in the beginning of the twelfth century. When Iceland came under Norwegian rule in 1262, Icelanders were also exempted from the landaurar.

land dues OIce Grg Misc 248
ONorw FrL Reb 1
ONorw GuL Reb

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