laghþing (OSw) laghthing (ODan) lögþing (ON) lögþingi (ON) laghaþing (OSw) noun

A þing ‘assembly’ that 1) was legal, i.e. held at the right time and place etc., 2) upheld and sanctioned the law, 3) covered the ONorw administrative/judicial district lög (see lagh) and was held once a year for those nominated from each fylki (q.v.). It is unclear whether the OSw phrase lagha þing was synonymous with the OSw compound.

assembly ODan ESjL 3
ODan JyL 2

court appointed in the law OSw KrL Rb DbII

court session OSw KrL Jb Bb

legal assembly OIce Þfb 1, 4
OIce Js Þfb 1
OSw SdmL Jb, Bb, Kmb, Mb, Rb

legal court OSw KrL Kgb
legal thing assembly ONorw GuL Krb
OSw DL Gb, Rb
OSw UL Äb, Mb, Jb, Blb, Rb, Add. 12, 15
OSw VmL Äb, Mb, Jb, Bb, Rb

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