laghmal (OSw) laghmal (ODan) lagamál (ON) lögmál (ON) laghamal (OSw) noun

That which is prescribed by, handled by or decided according to the law (mainly secular but occasionally ecclesiastical).

article of the law OIce Grg Klþ 4, 18 Þsþ 76 Lrþ 117 Lbþ 219
OIce Llb 17, 26
OIce KRA 9
ONorw FrL KrbB 13

case ODan JyL 2
case in which a defendant defends himself with an oath OSw HL Rb
commandment OIce HT 2
OIce Js Kdb 2

lawful case ODan ESjL 2
legal case OIce MagBref
OSw SdmL Conf

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