sækia (OSw) sekja (ON) sækja (ON) sǿkja (ON) verb

Related to the adjective saker (OSw) ‘guilty’, ‘liable’, and meaning ‘to make oneself or somebody else guilty’ generally understood as liable to pay a fine or compensation, often of a stipulated sum, and frequently appearing in the reflexive and the passive sekia sik (OGu), sækia sik (OSw), sekjask (ON), sækias (OSw).

attack OIce Kab 3
be guilty ONorw FrL Tfb 1
be guilty to compensate OSw YVgL Utgb
be guilty to compensation OSw ÄVgL Tb
be guilty to/of OSw ÄVgL Föb
bring a claim or case OIce Þfb 6
ONorw FrL Intr 23

bring a suit ONorw FrL KrbB 20
charge ONorw FrL Tfb 4
compensate OSw ÄVgL Jb, Föb
compensation OSw YVgL Utgb
get (someone) condemned OIce Grg Þsþ 48
make oneself guilty OSw ÄVgL Rlb
make oneself liable to compensation OSw YVgL Rlb, Tb
make someone liable to pay a compensation ONorw GuL Olb
owe ONorw EidsL 8.2
pay a fine OFar Seyð 3
OIce Þfb 9
OIce Js Þfb 4
OIce KRA 14, 29
ONorw FrL Tfb 2 KrbB 1

prosecute OIce Grg passim
OIce passim
OIce Js passim
OIce KRA 2, 18
ONorw FrL KrbA 1 KrbB 3, 5 Mhb 4

pursue OIce Mah 16
ONorw BorgL 17.8

sentence to pay a fine OSw MEL Rb
sue ONorw FrL KrbA 29

sækia sik, sekia sik (OGu)

to be liable for OGu GL A 3

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