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Enter the word or phrase you wish to search for in this box. For example: Westminster or Dunstan Church. At least 4 characters (excluding spaces and wildcards) must be entered in this field in order to search.
The application will perform a literal search ranking the best matching suggestions first. Searches are perfomed against paragraphs of text. It is advisable not to include words of 3 characters or less in the search phrase, as the search results are unpredictable. If a word of less than 3 characters is used (for example, St Dunstan), it is best to perform an exact match search.
Wildcards The wildcard(*) may be used to widen the search. For example: Beth* will return references to Beth, Bethlehem and Bethlem. The wildcard matches against zero or more characters. The wildcard may be used anywhere in the search phrase and may be used more than once, although it cannot be used in exact match searches.
Select whether to search in either
  • [All text] The complete text including glosses.
  • [Not glosses] The text excluding glosses.
  • [Glosses only] The glossed text only.
Section Select a section of the text to be searched. This can be a book such as the Preface. Or it can be a a chapter within a particular book.
Match An All words search will return a match if all words in the search phrase are found, but they can be in any order and with any other words between them. An Any words search will return a match if at least one of the words in the search phrase is found. An Exact search will return a match only if an exact match is found (all the words in the right order, with no other words between them). Wildcards cannot be used in an exact search.

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No matches?

If your search doesn't return any results, you may get a better result if make minor adjustments to your search. You can try:-
  • Searching for a shorter, less specific phrase or a variation on the phrase.
    For example, if you're searching for 'King Edward the Sixth' and don't get any hits, you could try searching for 'King Edward' or 'Edward the Sixth'.
  • Using a wildcard (*) or variant spellings.
    For example, searching for 'Kath*' will match several different variant spellings of Katherine.
  • Widening your search.
    Try an "All words" or "Any words" match rather than an exact match, or try searching in all sections rather than a specific section.
  • Eliminating short words (less than 4 characters) from your search phrase.
    For example, when trying to find the parish of St Botolph, it may be more effective to search for 'Botolph' rather than 'St Botolph'.
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