Of the CITIES of
London and Westminster:
The Original, Antiquity, Increase, Modern Estate
and Government of those
Written at first in the Year MDXCVIII.
By JOHN STOW, Citizen and Native of London.
Since Reprinted and Augmented by the AUTHOR
Corrected, Improved, and very much Enlarged: And the SURVEY and
HISTORY brought down from the Year 1633, (being near Fourscore Years
since it was last printed) to the present Time;
By JOHN STRYPE, M.A. a Native also of the said CITY.

Volume one.
Dedication: To the Right Honourable Sir JOHN FRYER, Bart. LORD MAIOR:
John Strype's Preface with Stow's Epistle Dedicatory.
The Life of John Stow, with a A Catalogue of Authors, Records and Manuscripts, ... contained in the Book and Chapters and Contents.
A LIST of the Subscribers Names.
A New Plan of the City of London, Westminster and Southwark
THE FIRST BOOK. Containing a General Description of the CITY of LONDON
THE SECOND BOOK. Containing a particular Inspection into the Thirteen Wards on the East side of WALBROOKE.
THE THIRD BOOK. Containing a particular Inspection into the Twelve Wards on the West side of WALBROKE.
Volume two.
Title page.
THE FOURTH BOOK. Containing an Inspection into the Ward of the Borough of SOUTHWARK. As also into the Suburbs of the City, and the Liberty of the Dutchy of LANCASTER
THE FIFTH BOOK. Containing an Account of the GOVERNMENT, and Governours, of the said CITY; Its Corporations and Trades; Its Laws, Orders, and Customs; and Militia.
THE SIXTH BOOK. Containing an Account of the Antiquities, Bounds, Liberties, Parishes, Churches, Royal Palaces, Courts of Justice, Great Houses, and other Eminent Places of that City; together with the ancient Monastery and Church of St. Peter there.
An APPENDIX. Containing CERTAIN Tracts, Discourses, and other Remarks, Concerning the STATE of the City of LONDON. Together with a Perambulation about the Parishes Towns adjacent within the Compass of Five Miles.
A second Appendix, containing divers Matters of Note coming to Hand, since the finishing of the former Work; tending to the further improvement of it, and for the correcting of some Errata.