Chapters and Contents.xlij

Chapters and Contents.

CHAP. III. The Circuit Walk on the East and North East Parts bordering upon LONDON; viz. St. Paul's Shadwel. St. Leonards Bromley; Formerly a religious House for Nuns. Stratford le Bow. A large Benefaction of Mrs. Coburn to this Town. West-Ham, or Stratford Langthorn. Low Leyton, or Leighton. The Manor, called the Grange, sometime belonging to the Abby of Stratford. Walthamstow. An Hospital and School founded here by Monox, sometime Lord Maior of London. Wansted. With an Account of the Antiquities, Monuments of the Dead, and Charities, belonging to those Parishes. p. 105.

CHAP. IV. The Circuit Walk on the North and North West Parts, bordering upon LONDON, viz. Hackney, Stoke Newington, Islington, Pancrase, Highgate, Mary Le Bone. Together with an Account of Records, Antiquities, Country Seats, Charitable Wills of many eminent Persons, and Monument of the Dead in those Parishes. p. 137.

There be Added at the End, the Names of all the Bishops buried in LONDON, the Churches, where, and the Times, when. Also, an exact List of all the Stage Coaches and Carriers, with the Names of the Towns they come from, and their respective Inns in LONDON, and the Days they go out: Very useful for Shopkeepers and Tradesmen, and such as have Occasion to travel from LONDON into other Parts of the Land. p. 139.

A second Appendix, containing divers Matters of Note coming to Hand, since the finishing of the former Work; tending to the further Improvement of it, and for the correcting of some Errata.


HOOD's Petition to the Lords, concerning setting up his Mathematical Lecture, for the instructing of the Citizens in Arms. p. 1.

Certain Ordinances for the good Government of Gresham College; and the Method for the reading of the Lectures there, appointed at first by the L. Maior and Aldermen, and by the Master and Wardens of the Company of Mercers: To whom the Care and Oversight of the Affairs of the said College was committed by the Founder. p. 2.

A Particular of the Manors, Lands, Tenements, &c. belonging to Sir Tho. Gresham; With their yearly Values; Enjoyed by the Lady Gresham, after his Decease: And the yearly Pensions to his Physicians, Lawyers , &c. allowed by him. p. 5.

Names of the Representatives in Parliament for the City of London, Westminster and Southwark; from the Beginning of the Summons to Parliament to this Time. With the Years of the Reigns of the several Kings and Queens, when the respective Parliaments met, and sat, and the Places, where. p. 7.

The Petition of William Page to the Lord Treasurer, for Liberty to build upon Wappin Wall, Jan. 13. 1583. p. 12.

The Lord Maiors Letter to the Lord High Treasurer Anno 1595. about the Cities Privilege in chusing their Recorder. p. 13.

The Case of an Arrest made in the City by a Serjeant of the Admiralty, and not by an Officer of the Sheriffs: And the Disturbance occasioned thereby. Anno 1587. p. 14a.

A Vindication of the Company of Goldsmiths, against an Accusation of them for Deceits in making their Plate and, wronging the Buyers, &c. p. 14b.

A Note of sundry Ordinances, made for the Goldsmiths; ratified and confirmed by the Lords of the Privy Council, and the two Lord Chief Justices of England. p. 15b.

A supply of the Incorporations of several Companies and Corporations of London omitted: With Remarks upon some of them. p. 16.

The Case of the Woollen and Silk Manufactures in great Britain: humbly offered to the Consideration of the Parliament. p. 17.

A Supplement to what is before related of Gresham College, and the Affairs thereof. Vol. I. p. 127. &c. And second Appendix. p. 2. p. 18.

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