Chapters and Contents.xxviij

Chapters and Contents.

Wax Chandlers. Tallow Chandlers. They had Patent for searching Oil, Vinegar, Butter; Hops and Soap. Cutlers. Girdlers. Butchers. Some lose their Freedom; and why. A Motion to remove Slaughter-Houses out of the City. Sadlers. Carpenters. Cordwainers. The Contest between them. Shoemakers of Westminster and other Strangers and Foreigners of that Trade. An Order of Star-chamber about them. Painters. The Decay of Painting. Curriers. Contention between them and the Cordwainers. Masons Plumbers. p. 208.

CHAP. XIII. Innholders. Founders. Embroiderers. Poulters. Cooks. Coopers. Bricklayers and Tylers. Bowyers. Fletchers. These two Companies, with the Stringers and Arrowheadmakers; Their Petition for the Restoration of Archery. Queen ELIZABETH's Commission for the Laws about shooting in the Bow. Bowstaves. Balcksmiths. Joyners. Plaisterers. Weavers. Their Complaint against the Silk-Weavers. The City take their Parts. Fruiterers. Scriveners. Bottlemakers and Horners. Their Complaint upon a License granted to transport Horns. Their Charter. p. 216.

CHAP. XIV. Stationers. The antientest Printers. An Order in the Starchamber for printing. Privileges granted to particular Persons for printing certain Books. The Controversies arising among the Stationers thereupon. Decrees in the Starchamber, restraining the Liberty of the Press. An Act in Richard III. his Reign, encouraging the bringing in Books and Printers into the Realm. Marblers. Woolpackers. Farriers. Paviors. Lorriners. Brown Bakers. Woodmongers. Upholders, or Upholsters. Deceits in that Trade. An Endeavour to procure the Searching of their Goods. The Companies Petitions. Turners. Glaziers. Parish Clerks. Watermen. Apothecaries. Silk-throwers, or Throwster's. Their Incorporation. p. 221.

CHAP. XV. Glovers. Tinners. Distillers. Abuses of Distillers. A Patent granted for the preventing thereof. Clockmakers. Musicians. Feltmakers. Their Endeavours to be made a Corporation. Move for a Search of Flocks and Wool. Soapmakers. Three Sorts of Soap. Glasssellers. Verselyn, a Venetian the first that set up a Glasshouse in England. Potters. Fine Gally Ware. Coach and Coach-harness makers. Pinners and Needlers. Petition against foreign Pins and Needles. Patten makers, An antient Trade. Notaries. Their Complaint of a Patent for making Policies. Broggers or Brokers. Their Complaint of the same. Retailing Broggers. Refiners of Sugar. Began in England, 1544. Players; Retainers to Noblemen. Silkmen. Shipwrights. Mineral and Battery-Workers. Tobacco Pipe-Makers. Hatband-Makers. Comb-Makers. Starch-Makers. Gardiners. The Academy of the Muses. A Scheme of the Companies. p. 236.

CHAP. XVI. Many Lands and Tenements of the Companies, given away by an Act in K. Edward the Sixth his Reign. Purchased again of the King. A List thereof. A Project for each Company to send out a Ship for Trade. None to exercise any Trade, than what he was Apprentice to. The Troubles of the Companies, by means of the Patents granted for concealed Lands. p. 249.

CHAP. XVII. Trade. Custom House. Weights and Measures. Merchants. Various Corporations of them. Merchants of the Staple. Mer- chants Adventurers. Russia Merchants. Eastland Merchants. Levant, or Turkey Merchants. Spanish Merchants. East-India Merchants. French Merchants. Virginia Merchants. The African Company. The Canary Company. The Spanish, Portugal, Italian, French, Dutch and West-India Merchants. South-Sea Company. A List of their Governor and Directors; And of the Bank of England. The Royal Fishery of England. The East-India Merchants united. p. 256.

CHAP. XVIII. Tonnage and Poundage. A Case between the Merchants and the Barons of the Five Ports. A Table of Duties of the Kings Beam: and Water-Bailage. BLACKWELL Hall, the Market of Cloth. The Wharfs and Keys of the Port of London. Act for Regulating Carrs and Carts. Rates appointed to be taken for Carriage. The Corporation of Mariners, called TRINITY House. Their Use. Lists of the Officers, and Elder Brothers. Tables of their Benfactors. p. 373.

CHAP. XIX. Remarks concerning the Merchants of London. Their Numbers in King Edward's and Q. Elizabeth's Days. Their Voyages for Discoveries of foreign Regions, and settling Traffic. Their Commodities. Beer. Seacoal. Iron Ordnance. A Register for Policies, Charter-Parties, &c. Foreign Merchants. Laws concerning them. Complained of for returning Monies out of the Land by Exchange. Bound to Employment here. Ill will to Strangers. Their Manufactures. Reasons offered to the Parliament against naturalizing Aliens. p. 291.

CHAP. XX. Blank.

CHAP. XXI. Some further Account of the Strangers that settled in London. Their Trades. Manufacture of Bayes. Their Numbers. Complaints against them. Their Plea. Speeches for and against them in Parliament. They lend the Queen Money. The State of the French Protestant Refugees An. 1687. The Case of the Dutch and French Protestant Churches in England. p. 299.

CHAP. XXII. Laws, Customs and Usages; antient and modern. Assizes. Of Annoyances. Statutes for the Streets. For paving and cleansing them. Old Customs for Freedom. Laws of the Market. An Act to prevent Forestalling and engrossing the Market. An Award in a Case between the Farmers of the Market and the Marketfolks. Rates appointed for Hackney Coaches and Chairs. p. 305.

CHAP. XXIII. Laws and Customs of the Wardmote Inquest. The Maiors Precept to the Aldermen. Articles of Enquiry. Exemplary Punishments inflicted upon Bawds, Harlots, &c. An Act of Common Council for the Reformation of Abuses in the Wardmote. p. 313.

CHAP. XXIV. The Laws and Ordinances for Orphans, and Children of Freemen. The Order taken for them by Act of Common Council 5 Ed. 6. The Act for the Orphans Anno 5 and 6, of William and Mary, of Four per Cent. Freemen; Their Oath. Instructions for Apprentices. Habit of Apprentices. The Apprentice loseth not the Degree of a Gentleman. Apprentices a considerable Body. Exaction of Fees upon Apprentices. Some Notes out of the Records concerning rhe Freedom of the City. p. 302.