The Church of St. MARGARET.45

The Church of St. MARGARET.

Dear to his Parents, here doth lye
A Youth admir'd for Piety:
His Years eleven, yet knew more
Of God, than many of Threescore, &c.

Sacred to the Memory of that great Example of Piety Emery Hill, late of this Parish, a worthy Benefactor, 1677.

James Palmer, B. D. a good Benefactor, deceas'd, 1659.

Against a Pillar near the Communion Table: Hic situm est quod mori potuit Samuelis Langford, Armigeri, &c. puris manibus in Fisco Regis vixit, &c. 1691.

Anne Langwith, late Wife of John Langwith, 1691.

Elizabeth Tayler, Wife of Henry Tayler, 1680.

Juxta hoc marmor sita est Maria Arnold, uxor Johannis Arnold, &c. 1701. She dyed in Childbed.

John Macullo, Secretary to the Auditory of the Exchequer, 1634.

Nicolas Dering of the County of Dorset, Gent. 1688.

South Ile.

Susan Gray, Daughter of Henry Gray, of Enfield in the County of Stafford, Esq; 1654.

Tho. Flowerdew, Vintner, free of the Haberdashers, London, 1637. William Flowerdew his Son, 1641.

North Wall at the lower End of the Church.

Here lyeth interred the twice vertuous and thrice religious Gentlewoman Frances, Wife to John Nappers in the County of Dorset, Esq, 1624.

Flat Stones in the Body of the Church for,

Henry Swindel, 1691. Thomas Kifford, one of the Ushers of his Majesty's Court of Exchequer, 1684. And Judith his Wife, 1700. Thomas Grosse, 1683. And his Wife. Barbara Boughton, Spinster, 1680.

Edward Story, Esq; Volary-Keeper to K. Charles II. 1684. STANLAKE also twice inscribed upon this Stone.

In the Chancel.

Elizabeth Kirkwood, Daughter to John Kirkwood, 1677.

Beaupre Nowers, 1690. And Hester Nowers, his Mother, 1700.

Two Children of John Gregory, Gilbert and Gratiana.

In the Church-yard North of the Church, a Monument for

Alexander Davis of Ebury in the County of Middlesex, Esq; 1665.

Against the South Wall of the Church outwards,

Edmund Harper, 1652. Aged 94. And Joan, his Wife, 1629. Aged 70.

Joseph Harper, 1651.

Edward Richardson, Son of Abel Richardson, Gent. And Elenor his Wife, 1651.

William Robinson, 1674. And Joan, his Wife, 1675.

Now to take Notice of the Christian CHARITIES.

Charities given to this Parish: This may be known by some Memorials thereof, written partly upon Monuments of the Benefactors, and partly upon a large Table set up in the West Wall of the Church.

Charities of this Parish.

Mr. Emery Hill, Inhabitant of this Parish, besides what he gave in his Life Time, left by his Will at his Death,

First, The Revenue of several Houses in Westminster for ever, for the Use of the Poor Children of the King's Hospital in Tuthill-fields, of which he was one of the Governors.

Secondly, The Sum of 100l. for the Buidling of three Almes-houses in Petty France.

Thirdly, 7l. per Ann. for the Teaching of the poor Children.

Fourthly, An 100l. for a Stock of Coals for the Poor of the Parish for ever.

Fifthly, 50l. to the Children of Christ's Hospital in London.

Sixthly, A bountiful Gift for the setting up of poor decayed Tradesmen.

Seventhly, He left a plentiful Provision for the building of 12 Alms-Houses, a Chapel, and School; for six poor Men and their Wives, six poor Widows, and teaching of 24 Children, with sufficient Maintenance for the same for ever.

More, 50l. for the Use of the Poor of the Company of Brewers.

Besides several other charitable Bequests, which we have not Room to mention.

James Palmer, B. D. born in this Parish An. 1581, and dyed 1659; five Years before he dyed erected 12 Alms-Houses in this Parish, a Chapel, and an House for a School-master, and a School-Room, for teaching of 20 poor Children. He placed six poor Men and six poor Women in them. He came and preached to them twice every Week, during his Life and Health; and settled 80l. per An. freehold Land upon them for ever, and to buy the Children Books, and for Repairs of the said Houses, and for paying the School-Master.

Over the West Door, a Table inscribed,

The Royal Gift and charitable Benevolence of King Charles II. towards the Relief of the Poor of this Parish; payable out of the Exchequer, and established by Privy Seal, dated 12 Febr. 1670. 50l. per Ann. Erected the 29th of May, 1677.

A Table of Benefactors to the Poor of this Parish, and to the Children of the Hospital of the same Parish, founded by K. Charles I, viz since the Year 1558.


Cornelius Van Dun gave twenty Alms-Houses, and one Plot of Ground to them belonging, held by Lease for many Years unexpired.
John Vernham, for the Poor's Relief, certain Tenements held by Lease for Years unexpired.
William Lambe, two Tenements for 40 Years unexpired.
Richard Castle, towards perpetual Relief of the Poor12l.
Edmund English, yearly12l.
John Powel, yearly1l.
Lewis Owen, weekly for ever12d.
Henry Forest, a liberal Benefactor, for Education of Orphans yearly12l.
William Heather, Doctor in Musick, unto the poor Children in the Hospital of Tuthil-fields, founded by K. Charles the First100l.
Cornelius van Dun, towards the Relief of the Poor here, in Mony20l.
Ralph Baldwin, and other the Inhabitants of the Parish, for the like Use10l.
Tho. Ewins, towards the Poor's Relief10l.
John Feckenham, Abbot of Westminster10l.
Robert Peters100l.
Will. Bagnal150l.
Will. Lord Burghley, Lord Treasurer, towards the perpetual Relief of the Poor10l.
Blanch Parry20l.