[Vagabonds, &c.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Orders about them.]443

[Vagabonds, &c.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Orders about them.]

"ed into their Countries according to the Statute, &c. And the Justices of Assize now in Lent Assizes, to confer with the Justices in every County, in the Places where the Assizes shall be kept. And there to charge them, and to direct them in some good Order, how every of them severally in their several Quarters, might see Watches kept, and privy Searches to be made."

"It was found in and about the City of London, and in the Parts near about her Majesties Court, that there did haunt and repair a great multitude of wandring Persons. Whereof some were Men of Ireland, that had these late Years unnaturally served as Rebels against her Majesties Forces beyond the Seas. Who could not have any good Meaning towards her Majesty, as of late had been manifestly proved in some already taken, that had secretly come into the Realm with full purpose, by procurement of the Devil and his Ministers, Enemies and Rebels on the other side the Sea, to endanger her Majesties Noble Person. Which kind of Persons, having so served against her Majesty, were directly to be taken, wheresoever they might be found, and proceeded withal, as Traitors."

Wandering Persons in and about the City and Court.

Irish Soldiers among them.

"And as for the Procurers and Authors hereof, being known to be of sundry Conditions; some, Rebellious Subjects, Fugitives; some, by Order of their Priesthood, yielding Dispensation and Absolution by Shrift to the intended Mischieves; and some other more able, by Reward to hire the Offenders, being Persons of high Degree in the World. The Revenge whereof belonged to Almighty God. In whose Hand her Majesty hath of long time reposed herself: and so intended constantly with Comfort to continue."

King of Spain, Prince of Parma hires Persons to kill the Queen.

"But considering, the Discovery of these Irish Traitors could hardly be made, where there were also many others like vagrant Persons of that Nation, that haunted about the Court, by pretence of Suits, where they had no just Cause to make any; Therefore her Majesty Willed and Commanded, that no manner of Person born in the Realm of Ireland, except he were an Householder, known in some Town, where he lived in Obedience to her Majesties Laws; or were a menial Servant with some Nobleman, Gentleman, or other honest Householder; or did reside and were in Commons in any House of Court or Chancery, or a Student in the Laws, or a Student in any of the Universities; or else be sent out of Ireland by her Majesties Deputy, or some Governour of the Provinces there with Commendation, or about any Service or Suit recommended; should remain in this Realm; but should without Delay repair into the Realm of Ireland, to the Places of their natural Habitation, &c. upon Pain of Imprisonment and Punishment, as Vagabonds."

The Irish to depart home to Ireland.

"There was a Number of like vagrant Persons, both English and others (beside Irish) that haunted about the Court, using a Colour of Suits to her Majesty, or to her Council, and other Attendants on her Majesty: where in Truth many of them had no just Cause of Suits. Others, that having Suits, and had recevied their Answers, did not depart, but lived idly about the Court. For Remedy of this, her Majesty forbade all Persons that were not Servitors to her Majesty in her Court; or that were not Attendant Servitors upon the Counsellors, or upon other Lords and Ladies, or Gentlemen, attending on her Majesty; to forbear to come to the Court, or near to the Court. But if any Person had Cause to prefer any Complaint or Request to her Majesty, or her Council, being in the Court, it was lawful for any such Person to come to one of the Masters of Requests, to whom a Room was appointed near the Court; to receive daily such Requests, and to prefer them as Cause should require, without coming into this Court: But to depart within 24 Hours towards their Dwelling Places."

Vagrants about the Court.

Persons forbid to come to the Court, or near it.

"And for the executing of this Order, for the excluding of these Vagrants, either Irish or English, or of any other Nations, her Majesty charged the Knight Marshal, her Porters, her Masters of Request, and her Knight Harbinger, and every other ordinary Officer in her Majesties Court, to take every one in these Cases, which might belong unto them. And to commit the Offenders to Prison: there without Delay to be tryed, and proceeded withal, according as Rogues and Vagabonds ought to be."

The Knight Marshal's Charge to see these Orders executed.

Given at the Honour of Hampton Court, the 21st of February 1593, in the 36th Year of her Majesties Reign.

This was backed soon after with an Order to be published and executed by the Lord Maior of the City of London, and other Officers in all Places within three Miles of the said City, for avoiding of all kind of Beggars, that did wander about, contrary to the Laws and Statutes of the Realm. And it was signed by several of the Privy Council: The Order was as followeth.

"WHereas it hath been ordered by Act of Parliament, that all poor, aged and impotent Persons should repair to the Places where they were born, or where they were most conversant by the space of three Years: and there to be maintained. And likewise that all Persons wandring about as Beggars, and being whole and strong in Body, and able to Work, having no Lands or other Means to get their Living, should be taken as Rogues and Vagbonds. And if any impotent Person, being provided for, were in the Parish where he was born, or had been conversant by the space aforesaid, and should without Licence wander abroad out of the same, he should be whipt, and returned again to his Parish. And if he should eftsones offend, then to be punished as a Rogue."

An Order of Privy Council against Beggars within three Miles of the City.

"And for that also in this Time of Parliament Order hath been taken by a Collection of certain Sums of Money, that all such as were found in and about the City of London, having been Maimed and Sorehurt in her Majesties Service, should have a convenient Relief in Money paid to the County where they were born, with Pasports for that Purpose, (which hath been accordingly performed) And there to be maintained with weekly Portions of Money for the space of twenty Weeks. Before the end whereof it was provided by an Act of Parliament made in this late Session, that such maimed Soldiers were to have a continual weekly Payment in Places of the Countries, where they were born:"

A Collection in the time of Parliament for the Maimed in the Queen's Service.

"For this Purpose, all Officers, to whom the Execution of these Statutes do belong, within the Cities of London and Westminster, and in all other Places within three Miles of the City, shall forthwith cause Inquisition to be made of all kind of Persons wandring up and down, as Beggars; and being Aged and Impotent, to compel them to depart, and repair to the Places where they were born, or were more conversant by the space of three Years past, with convenient Pasports; there to be maintained according to the Laws, and to forbear from their further begging in any other Place. And such"

Inquisition within London and Westminster for wandering Persons.