[Master-Weighers.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Forn buying & selling.]424

[Master-Weighers.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Forn buying & selling.]

All Penalties and Forfeitures in this Act mentioned, shall be sued for and recovered in the Name of the Chamberlain of the City. And one Moiety of all such Forfeitures to be paid to the Treasurer of the Corporation for the POOR within this City, for their Use. And the other Moiety to the Persons who shall sue for the same. The Suit or Action to be commenced within Six Months.

There were two Master-Weighers and Supervisors of all the Common Beams in the City and Borough, sworn Anno 1699. And because many Porters, Labourers, and Others, had set up and kept the Common Beams and Weights, contrary to the ancient Customs and Laws of the City; an Advertisement was set forth the same Year by those Master-Weighers, for the better regulating that Abuse, and Information of all Persons concerned; which was as follows.

Two Master-Weighers.



WHEREAS the Office of Tronage hath been vested in the Mayor and Commonalty, and Citizens of the City of London, Time out of mind, and is Confirmed unto them by sundry Acts of Parliament.

And whereas John Dunmoll and Chales Booth were, the 19th Day of December 1699, Constituted and Appointed, under the Common Seal of the said City, Master-Weighers and Supervisors of all the Common Beams within this City and the Liberties thereof, and Borough of Southwark: And were then Sworn for the due Executing of the said Office of Tronage in the Just Weighing of Goods and Merchandizes between Buyers and Sellers;

And whereas great Numbers of Porters, Labourers, and Others, Free of this City, have, contrary to the Laws and Statutes of this Kingdom, and to the Ancient Customs and By-Laws of this City, taken upon them to Set up, Keep, and Exercise Common Beams and Weights, for the Weighing of Goods and Merchandizes between Buyers and Sellers; which said Practice is not only Inconsistent with, but Destructive of the said Office of Tronage, and is a manifest Violation of the Faith and Oath they gave when Admitted into the Freedom of the said City;

Now the said John Dunmoll and Charles Booth do hereby give Notice, to all whom it may Concern, That if any Person or Persons, shall Set up, Keep, or Exercise any Common Beam or Beams, for the Weighing of Goods or Merchandizes within this City, or the Liberties thereof, or in the Borough of Southwark, (except Freemen, for the Weighing of their own proper Goods in their own Houses or Ware-houses,) they will be Prosecuted according to the Laws in that Case made and provided.

And to the End that no Merchant or Others may be Imposed upon, they, the said John Dunmoll and Charles Booth, do hereby give farther Notice, That Constant Attendance is, and will be, Daily given at their Office at the Weigh-House in Little Eastcheap: Where all Merchants and Others shall be furnished with Triangles, Beams, Scales, Weights, and Ticket-Porters, for the speedy Dispatch of their Business. And that no Merchant or Others, Free of this City, shall Pay more or Greater Rates, for the Weighing of any Goods or Merchandizes, than they have heretofore done to such Porters or Others whom they Imployed about the same, or suffer any Delay, or other Inconveniency, by reason of their Application unto them the said John Dunmoll and Charles Booth, who are Appointed and Sworn for the Keeping and Governing of all Common Beams, as aforesaid: And are Oblig'd to Imploy Ticket-Porters, being Freemen of this City, in the Use and Exercise of the said Beams. So that the Ticket-Porters will have no less Imployment than before the said John Dunmoll and Charles Booth were Admitted to the said Office of Tronage.

Note, Every Freeman of this City of London, upon his Admission; amongst other Things, Swears to Maintatin and Keep Harmless the Franchises and Customs thereof, as much as in him is: And to Colour no Foreign Goods under or in his Name, whereby the King or this City may lose their Customs or Advantages, &c.

Note, That besides the Obligation of the Oath of a Freeman, as aforesaid, every Common-Council-Man is Sworn to give Good and True Counsel in all Things, touching the Commonweal of this City, after his Wit and Cunning. And that for Favour of any Person, he will Maintatin no Singular Profit against the Common Profit of this City, &c.

Another very useful Act was made for the Markets within the City, intituled, An Act for the Settlement and well ordering of several publick Markets within the City: The Sum of this may be read before in Chap. XXIII. which Act, with one for the better ordering of the Watches within the City of London, Robinson Mayor, are printed at large in a late Book, called Privilegia Londini.

P. 82, & 67.

At a Court of Aldermen, held 10 Novemb. 1691. STAMPE, Mayor.


THIS Court having received frequent Complaints of the many Mischiefs arising to the Freemen of this City in their Trade and Commerce, occasioned by Foreign Buying and Foreign Selling; as also by divers Freemen Colouring Foreigners Goods, which is contrary to the Laws and Usage of this City, and a Destruction to the Trade and Privilege which the Freemen ought to enjoy; and being resolved (as much as in them lies) to prevent the same for the future, have therefore appointed a Committee to sit in the Council-Chamber in Guild-hall every Wednesday, at Nine of the Clock in the Forenoon, to receive Informations of any Foreign Buying and Foreign Selling. And for that Purpose, all good Citizens who shall any ways know of any Goods Foreign bought and Foreign sold, or any Foreigners coloured in any Freeman's Name, are hereby desired to inform the said Committee thereof, to the end the Offenders may be Prosecuted, according to the Laws and Customs of this City, and that every such Discoverer shall have a Moiety of the Forfeitures of the said Goods. And it is Ordered, That this be forthwith Printed and Published.

A Committee of Common Council sitting to receive Information about Foreign buying and selling.



BY an Act of Common Council made in the Year 1694, It is Enacted, That the Laws and Statutes of this Realm, made against Wandring Pedlers and Petty Chapmen, &c. shall be Strictly and Duly put in Execution: And that no Person or Persons whatsoever shall sell or expose to Sale any Goods, Wares, or Merchandizes in any Street, Lane, Publick Passage, Tavern, Inn, Ale-house or Coffee-house, within the City of London, or the Liberties thereof, upon Pain to Pay and Forfeit the Sum of Forty Shillings for every Offence by Him, Her, or Them committed contrary thereunto.

Against Hawkers and Pedlers.

No Keepers of Taverns, Inns, &c. to permit them to come into their Houses, Shops, &c. to sell.

And that no Person or Persons within this City, or the Liberties thereof, shall buy any such Wares, Goods or Commodities so exposed by such Person or Persons to Sale, contrary to the True