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[Contents of] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [the Charters.]355

[Contents of] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [the Charters.]

Anno 1392, King Richard II. took Ill Will to the Citizens, because they would not lend him 1000l. Finding therefore somewhat to charge them with, he imprisoned the Maior with the Aldermen, and took from them their Privileges: which afterwards they redeemed at 10000l. and besides gave him other 10000l. for his Entrance into the City, with many other Jewels, as a Crown, then presented to him, and another to his Queen.

For a Conclusion of this Chapter of the Charters of London, I shall only add the Contents of them Alphabetically, by way of Repertory, as they may be found in the printed Book, intituled, The Great Charter of Confirmation of King Charles II. according to the Page. Where all the Charters are rehearsed, and avouched to be taken out of the Records, and translated into English by S. G. Which Book is dedicated to Sir Robert Clayton, then Maior, as was mentioned before.

The Contents of all the Charters.



Acquittal of Murder Page 2, 4, 10
Acquittal from divers Duties the Keeper of the Tower claimed in the Thames 9, 15, 23
Acquittal of Toll, Lastage, and Custom 2, 7, 24
Accompt, the Maior to account in the Exchequer 43
Allowance to the Sheriff in the Exchequer, of what shall be taken from them 14
Aids, how the Citizens are to be taxed 39
Aids of the Londoners, not to be brought in Example ibid.
Amerciaments 3, 4,
Amerciaments of Sheriffs of London to be as other Sheriffs 38
Amerciaments in Southwark 66, 101
Aldermen not to be put upon Assizes, Attaints, or Juries 62, 63
Aldermen not to be Collectors 63
Aldermen who have been Maiors, to be Justices of Peace 57, 58
Apples, the Measurage of Apples 116
Assize of Ale and Beer in Southwark 66, 101
Attachments for Debts 3
Attachments to be made by City Officers 45
Attachments in Southwark 67
Attorneys 34
Aldermen who have been Maiors in London, to be Justices in Southwark 109
Alehouses, Recognizances for suppressing Alehouses 167
Appearance at the Sessions, and Recognizances concerning the same 166
Appearance at Goal-delivery, and Recognizances for the same 167
Aliens, Strangers to keep no Houses in London, but at Hosts 55

R. B.



Battle 2, 4, 6, 10, 24, 32
Beams and Weights 35, 82 and to 90, 179, 180, 181
Bartlemews in Smithfield, the Great and Less 130, 171
Black Friers 130
Beadle of the Court of Request 190
Bethlem Hospital 192 to 195
Brokers 53
Brokers, the Office erected 190
Brudtoll, to be free thereof 5, 7, 11, 25
Buildings and new Erections 170, 171
Bastards, Recognizances concerning Bastard Children 167



Certificate of the Customs of London to be Ore tenus, by the Mouth of the Recorder 59, 60, 184
City of London, the King's Chamber 141
City, and the Extent thereof Page 130, 140
Cole Harbour 130, 131
Coles, and the weighing of the same, pertains to the City 141
Coles, notice of the Quantity to be given to the Maior 148
Coles, no Market thereof to be in Lighters 149
Coles, against the forestalling them 149
Coles, the measuring of them pertains to the City 116, 129
Corn, and the measuring the same 116, 129
Childwite, to be free of the same 5, 7, 11, 25, 35
Clerk of the Market in Southwark 66, 101, 107
Clerk of the Court of Request, and his Fees, and how chosen 189
Confirmation of the Charters, with an Exception 153, 154
Collecting of Tolls in London, the Office in the City 55
Coroner of London 76
Coroner's Place of London severed from the Chief Butler's Place 77
Coroner of Southwark 105, 106
Conservator of the River of Thames by Prescription: in whom, and other things concerning the same 115 to 121
Confirmation of the Customs of London 5, 7, 11, 44
Court of Requests in London, and things thereto belonging 196, 189
Court of Pypowders in Southwark 67, 101
Combate, no Citizen to make Combate 2
Common Cryer, or Outcryer for Sale of things, and the Erection of the Office 181, 182
Customs of London confirmed 5, 11, 7, 21, 30, 44, 47
Custom of Merchandizes are to be paid before they are put to Sale 35
Customs of London to be certified by the Recorder, Ore tenus 59, 60, 184
Custom of Forfeiture for the foreign bought and foreign sold, explained 78, 79
Circuits, Citizens are to be regulated in the Circuits by the Laws and Customs in the time of King John 45
Crown, Citizens to discharge themselves of the Pleas of the Crown 2, 4, 6, 10



Debts to Citizens of London 3, 5, 7, 25, 34, 35
Danegilt 2
Debts to be inrolled in the Exchequer, and how to be testified, and the Fees to be paid 35, 36
Deodands in Southwark 99
Devise in Mortmaine 41
Discharge. Citizens to discharge themselves of Pleas of the Crown 2, 4, 6, 10
Doubts concerning the Validity of the Charter 20 Hen. VII. 159
Dukes Place 130



Escheator of the Maior of London, Escheator for London 43
Escheator of the Kings, not to be intermeddled in London 43
Exchequer. No Citizen to be sued in the Exchequer, except it concern the King 47
Escheats in Southwark 65, 100
Escheater in Southwark 101
Estrayes in Dukes Place 127
Execution of Writs on Southwark 101



Fee Farm, 300l. per Annum 2, 14
Fee Farm reduced from 400l. to 200l. per Annum 41
Felons Goods in Southwark 65, 99


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