[Rates for Cars.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Trinity House.]286

[Rates for Cars.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Trinity House.]

upon the Posts in public Places. And if any Carman demand or take more, to forfeit for every such Offence 10s.

To be lawful for one of the Marshals of the City and their Men (who are hereby appointed to assist the President and Governors of Christ's Hospital) to take and seize all supernumerary Cars, not allowed, that shall be found working in this City; and according to the ancient Custom, to impound them in the new Store-yard at the Postern belonging to this City; there to remain till the respective Owner shall conform himself to the Government of the said President and Governors.

That if the yearly Rent of 17s. 4d. a piece be not paid to the said President and Governors, the Carroon, that is, the License of such Person so wanting or refusing, shall be forthwith suspended, and his Person disabled to work any longer.

The President and Governors of Christ's Hospital from time to time to observe, perform and execute such Acts and Orders as have, or shall be further made by the Common Council, or by the Lord Maior and Court of Aldermen, for and concerning the Regulation of Cars, Carts, &c. and touching the Price, Measure and Assize of Coalsacks, Coals, or other Fuel.

In this Act were contained also certain Orders concerning Sea-coal, and the Woodmongers, which may be seen under the Woodmongers Company.

Now for ascertaining the Prices to be taken by Carmen for the Carriage of Goods and Merchandizes from the Wharfs to the several Places of the City and Liberties, an Act of Common Council was made, Sir William Bolton, Maior, Anno 1666. occasioned from daily Complaints of Merchants and Citizens of the excessive Rates demanded and taken by Carmen, above what is reasonable, and had been limited; having been so appointed and set by the Justices of the Peace. And whereas the Rule, Government and Oversight of the Cars, Carmen, and all Persons working any Cars or Carts within London and the Liberties, by Act of Common Council of June 21. 1665. was in the President and Governors of Christ's Hospital, the said President and Governors were desired by this Court, that they cause every Car which shall be licensed to work, to be numbered with Figures upon a Piece of Brass, to be fixed upon every Car and Cart, and the Carman's Name; and such Figures to be fairly registred in a Book to be kept in Christ's Hospital, there at any time to be seen; to the End, that if any Carmen shall not conform to the Rates aforesaid, or refuse to carry Goods at such Rates, the Merchant, knowing what Figure is upon the Cart, may more readily find out who is the Worker thereof. And the President or Governors, upon the Certificate or Testimony of the Party grieved, are hereby authorized to suspend such Person from working such Car, until he shall make Restitution.

Rates appointed to be taken by Carmen.

The Cars to be numbred with Figures.

The President and Governors to meet every Thursday in Christ's Hospital at Two in the Afternoon, to hear and determine of Complaints, that shall be made by any Merchant or Citizen against the Carmen.

And it is ordered by this Court, the said President and Governors to have Power, and are authorized to nominate and appoint Streetmen, such as they shall think fit, to be Overseers of the said Carmen; to see and take care, that Merchants and other Citizens Goods be well and faithfully delivered at the Rates and Prices, without any Exactions, Hindrance or Disturbance.


The Rates and Prices for Carriage follow.

From any Wharf between the Tower and London-Bridge, to Tower-street, Gracechurch-street, Fanchurchstreet, Billingsgate within, Cornhill, and Places of like Distance up the Hill, with 1800 Weight, not exceeding 2000 Weight, 2s. 2d. And being above 2000 Weight, 2d. for every Hundred. Provided the Carmen for this Rate, and all other Rates herein contained, help to load and unload their Carts.

From any Wharf aforesaid to Breadstreet, Lothbury, Old Jury, Bassishaw, Coleman-street, Ironmonger-lane, St. Laurence Jury, Milk-street, Aldermanbury, Cheapside, Wood-street, Friday-street, Bread-street, and Places of like Distance, for the like Weight as aforesaid, 2s. 6d.

And for Sea-coal the Load 16d. every Load to be Half a Chaldron: And for one Hundred of Faggots, the like Rate.

From any the Wharfs aforesaid to Smithfield-bars, Holborn-bars, Temple-bar, or any of the Bars on the Northside of the City, and Places of like Distance up the Hill with 1800 Weight, for every Load 3s. 4d. and going beyond the said Places, the Parties to agree with the Carmen.

From any of the Wharfs aforesaid to Tower-street, Billingsgate-street, &c. with 1400 Weight, not exceeding 1800 Weight, 22d. and so proportionably of the rest.

This Order to be printed, and Copies thereof fastned, and set up on Posts in all publick Places of the City.



TO these Corporations of Merchants, I subjoyn the Corporation of Mariners, one of the considerablest Bodies in England for the Use of it, both for the Conduct and Safety of Merchants Ships, and also of the Royal Navy.

J. S.

In Water-lane in Tower-street Ward, this Corporation, commonly called TRINITY HOUSE, hath their House (beside that more ancient one at Deptford-Strond) conveniently seated, and nearer at hand for the Dispatch of their frequent Business within the City; and where their Ballast Office is also kept.


Their first Charter, whereby they were embodied into a Society, or Guild, bore date the 20th of March, in the fourth Year of King Henry VIII. The Shipmen and Mariners of England were then incorporated by the Name of the Master, Wardens and Assistants of the Guild, Fraternity or Brotherhood of the most glorious and undivideable TRINITY, and of St. Clement in the Parish of Deptford-Strond in the County of Kent. And since, they have been confirmed by Letters Patents from divers Kings and Queens of the Realm.

Incorporated under King Henry VIII.

The Members of this Corporation are called Elder and Younger Brothers: Whereof there be only Thirty-one Elder Brethren; but the number of the Younger Brethren is unlimited, there being some Hundreds of them. And it is free for all Seafaring Men that desire it, to be admitted into the said Corporation.

The Brothers.

The Ends and Intents of this Foundation were for the Encrease and Encouragement of Navigation, for the good Government of the Seamen, and the better Security of Merchants Ships. And a Power is granted them in their Charter to make By-Laws for the said good and useful Purposes.

Intent of the Foundation.

Their Government is by a Master, Four Wardens, Eight Assistants, and Eighteen Elder Brethren, in all Thirty and One; whereof the Master and two of the Wardens are annually chosen every Trinity Monday, usually at their ancient House at Deptford-Strond; the others being for Life.

Their Governours.