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[Order for] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Cars and Carts.]285

[Order for] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Cars and Carts.]

and Bounds; expressing the Lengths, Breadths and Dimensions of the said several Places; and also to appoint and set forth the Number, Height, Breadth and Form of Building of all the Cranes that are or should be built upon the said several Keys and Wharfs, and to set down and appoint the Extents, Bounds, Limits and Priviledges of the said Port of London, with several other Powers and Authorities therein contained, as by the said Commission more at large may appear. And WHEREAS the greatest part of Our said Commissioners, that is to say, Our Right Trusty and Well-beloved Sir William Morice, Knight, one of Our principal Secretaries of State, Our Trusty and Well-beloved Sir John Wolstenholme, Knight and Baronet, Sir John Shawe, Knight and Baronet, Sir Robert Viner, Knight and Baronet, Sir John Denham, Knight of the Bath, Sir Charles Harbord, Knight, Sir John Harrison, Knight, Sir William Ryder, Knight, and Sir Edmond Turnor, Knight; Henry Seymour, Esq; John Dawes, Esq; George Nicholas, Esq; Philip Warwick, Esq; Edward Backwell, Esq; Francis Millington, Esq; Thomas Nevil, Esq; John Bence, Esq; Hugh May, Esq; John Jefferies, Esq; Peter Vandeput, Esq; Daniel Colwall, Esq; Henry Kersley, Esq; Thomas Ailway, Esq; and Richard Mounteney, Esq; Edward Brewer, Gent. Thomas Kennaston, Gent. George Toriano, Gent. Francis Hodges, Gent. William Dickinson, Gent. Richard Ward, Gent. and Thomas Fownes, Gent. by vertue of the said Commission, repaired to the Place where Our Custom-house did lately stand, and other the Places thereunto adjoining within our Port of London, and have by their humble Certificate under their Hands and Seals, bearing date the four and twentieth day of May last past, and annexed to the said Commision, certified their whole Doings in the Premisses to the Barons of Our Ezchequer at Westminster; which, upon mature consideration thereof, We have approved, allowed and confirmed, and do by these Presents approve, allow and confirm the same, and every Particular thereof: And to the end the said Certificate, and every part thereof, may be put in Execution, We do by these Presents give full Power and Authority to you, Our said Farmers and Officers of Our Customs, and to all other Our Farmers and Officers of Our Customs for the time being, to put in Execution the said Certificate, and every Clause, Matter and Thing therein contained, to all Intents and Purposes therein expressed: And for your better Information herein, and to the end all and every Person and Persons whom it may concern may take notice thereof, and conform themselves thereunto, We have caused the said Commission and the said Certificate to be exemplified under the Seal of Our Court of Exchequer, and sent unto you, together with these Presents, to be kept in Our Custom-house of Our Port of London, or in such other Place as you the Farmers and Officers of Our Customs there, shall think fit for that purpose: That all Persons may have Access thereunto, and be acquainted therewith, from time to time, without any charge. AND Our further Will and Pleasure is, and We do hereby will and command, and give full Power and Authority unto you the Farmers and Officers of Our said Customs, and to all other the Farmers, Collectors, Comptrollers, Surveyors, Searchers, Waiters and other Officers and Agents for Our Customs in the Port of London, now and for the time being, to put in Execution, or cause to be put in Execution, the said Certificate, and all and every the Directions, Orders, Matters and Things contained in the said Certificate, and not to permit any Goods, Wares or Merchandize to be shipped, laded or landed, contrary to the Tenour and true Meaning thereof, under the Penalties contained in the said Act of Parliament.
WITNESS, Sir Matthew Hale, Knight, the one and thirtieth day of August, in the nineteenth Year of Our Reign, by the Roll of Remembrances of the same Year of the King, of Commissions and Letters Patents the Roll, and by the Warrant of Anthony Lord Ashley, Chancellor of the Exchequer, and by the Barons.

For the disposing of Cars, Carts, &c. there was an Act of Common Council Anno 1665. Sir John Laurence Maior, the Import whereof was, That the Right of ordering and disposing of Cars, Carts, Caroons, Carters and Carmen, and all other Persons working any Carts or Cars within the City of London and Liberties, is and hath been in the Maior, Commonalty and Citizens: And accordingly the Government of the said Cars, Carts, &c. hath been from time to time, by several Acts of Common Council, disposed and committed, sometime to the President and Governor of Christ's Hospital; and at other times to the Master, Wardens and Fellowship of Woodmongers, London: And in the Year 1658. to the late President and Governors of the Poor of the said City: And last of all, it was committed again to the Master and Wardens of the Fellowship of Woodmongers, by Act of Common Council made 1661. in the Maioralty of Sir Richard Brown [who was a Woodmonger.] But hereupon divers Complaints were made of many Inconveniences and Grievances brought upon the Citizens and Inhabitants of London and the Liberties; as in raising the Price, and using Deceit in the Weight and Measure of Coals, by means and pretence of the Privileges and Power granted by this Act of Common Council. Therefore that Act made to the Woodmongers was repealed.

Act for governing and ordering Cars and Carts.

J. S.

And it was enacted, that the President and Governors of Christ's Hospital should, for the time to come, have the Rule, Oversight and Government of the said Cars, Carts, &c. during the Pleasure of the Court, and according to the Rules, Directions and Provisions in this Act mentioned, viz.

The ordering of them is in Christ's Hospital.

No more than 420 Carts to be allowed to work within the City and Liberties. And that 7s. and 4d. per Annum, and no more, shall be received or paid for a Carroon; and 20s. and no more, or greater Fine upon any Admittance or Alienation of a Carroon.

Rules for the Carts.

Any Person presuming to work any Car, Cart, &c. not being allowed, for every time so offending to forfeit 40s.

Not any Car, Cart, &c. to be permitted to a Wharf, Wharfinger or Woodmonger, or to be kept by them, after the first day of August next, but by License of Christ's Hospital, upon penalty of 40s.

Such as have Carroons, not to let them out for Hire without the Approbation and Allowance of the President and Governors of Christ's Hospital.

None to be admitted to work any Car, but such as shall be found of civil Carriage, and able and meet for that Employment, upon pain of 10s. a day.

That the Prices of Carriages may be moderate, as well for the People as for the Carmen, hereafter from Year to Year, in the Month of September, the Rates and Prices of Carriage shall be set and appointed by the Court of Aldermen, and such of the Commons and others as they shall think fit to call before them for their Information. And the said Prices to be printed, and set


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