[Merchants] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [South Sea.]271

[Merchants] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [South Sea.]

others as a Company, but singly by themselves. And of these Merchants particularly and briefly.

Spanish and Portugal Merchants.


THese Merchants trading into Spain and Portugal, are found beneficial to the Nation in their exporting these Commodities, Bays, Says, Serges, Perpetuanoes, Cloths drest and dyed, and most English Manufactures; also Lead, Pewter, Shot, Iron, Tin, Calves-skins, Herrings, Pilchards, Salmon, Poor Jack or Bacalow, Silk Stockings, Perukes, &c. And importing the Wines of Malaga, Zeres, Bastard, Gandado and Alicant; Oils, Olives, Sugars, Ginger, Rosin, Fruits, white Marble, Allom, Plate, Anniseeds, Sodobarilla, Sopes, Rosin, &c.

Commodities exported.

Commodities imported.

The Italian Merchants.


THE Merchants trading into the Parts of Italy, as Leghorn, Venice, Naples, Genoa, Sicily, &c. export English Cloths, Bays, Serges, Perpetuanoes, Kersies, Lead, Tin, Pewter, Red and White Herrings, Pilchards, Pickled Salmon, Newfoundland Fish, Calves-skins, Russia Hides, Tallow, Tobacco, the Drugs and Spices of India, Persia and Arabia, &c. And import Wines, Oils, Silk raw and wrought into several Fabricks, as Taffaties, Sarsnets, Sattins, Velvets, Plushes, Damask, Cloth of Gold and Silver, Grograins, Fustian, Allom, Anniseeds, Rice, Almonds, Saffron, Brimstone, Venice Gold and Silver, Argol, Venice Treacle, Quick-silver, Looking and Drinking Glasses, Anchovies, Marble, &c.

Goods exported.

Goods imported.

The French Merchants.


THE Merchants trading into France export and import many good Commodities. Those exported are, English Cloths, Bays, Kersies, Frizes, Cottons, Pilchards, Herrings, Newfoundland Fish, Lead, Tin, Galls, Cotton Wool, &c. And they import Wines, Oils, Almonds, Paper, Oade, coarse and fine Linnen, Tabby, and other Silks, Canvas, Dowlas, Buckrams, Salt, Cards, Glass, &c.

Goods exported and imported.

The Dutch Merchants.


SUCH Merchants as use the Trade into the Low Countries, as Holland and Flanders, export and import the following Commodities. Those exported are, Woolen Cloths, Lead, Tin, Sheep and Cony-skins, with most of our other English Commodities and Manufactures. And for these, and the like, they import Tapestries, Pictures and Prints, Tape, Salt-petre, Quick silver, Rhenish Wine, painted Tiles, Furs, Butter, Cheese, Thread, Flanders Lace (before it was forbidden) with most Commodities or other Nations; which, by reason of their great Trade, and Cunning in buying them at the Seasons when cheapest, or when there is a Glut, they can afford at cheap Rates. And by reason of the Herrings, and other Fish, which we permit them to catch in our Seas, they trade for most European Commodities.

Dutch Merchants and their Trade.

Merchants trading into the English American Plantations.


THese trade to Barbadoes, Antegoa, St. Christophers, Nevis, Montserrat, Jamaica, the Bermudes, Carolina, Virgina, Maryland, Pensilvania, New England, New York and Newfoundland. Their Trade also is very considerable, and advantageous to the Nation; exporting all sorts of English Commodities and Manufactures in great Quantities; as all Apparel in particular; and likewise most of the Commodities which we import from other Nations find good Vent: and the rather, by reason the Planters are prohibited to trade with any except the English. But the principal Trade is for all sorts of Stuffs and Silks, Cloth, Hats, Stockings, Shoes, Linnen both fine and coarse, all sorts of Houshold Goods, and Utensils of Iron, Brass, Lead and Pewter; also Provisions, as Flower, Bisket, barrel'd Beef; likewise Leather, Copper, all sorts of Arms and Ammunition; and in a word, all Commodities useful either for the Back or Belly.

Commodities exported.

The Commodities imported from the aforesaid Plantations are, Sugars both fine and coarse, Indico, Cotton and Ginger from Barbadoes, Jamaica, and the West of the Caribbee Isles; Tobacco from Virginia and Maryland; Furs, Deer-skins, Masts, &c. from New England. But besides these Commodities, there are others, tho' not so considerable, as several sorts of Woods for Dyers, several Drugs for Physick, &c. And of late Years in Carolina they begin to plant Mulberry-trees for Silk-worms, which are like to turn to good Account; Olive-Trees for Oil, and Vines for Wine, the Climate of the Country being natural for Silk, Oil, and Wine.]

Commodities imported.

The SOUTH SEA COMPANY, Established by Act of Parliament in the Reign of Queen Anne.

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THese Merchants trade to the South Seas, and other Parts of America: and for encouraging the Fishery. Here follows a List of the Names of the Governour, Sub-Governour, Deputy-Governour, and Directors of the Company of Merchants of Great Britain, trading to the South Seas: chosen the 3d and 5th of February, 1717.

J. S.

The KING'S most Excellent Majesty, Governour.
Sir James Bateman, Kt. and Alderman, Sub-Governour.
Samuel Shepheard, Esq; Deputy-Governour. Deceased.
William Astel, Esq;
Sir Lambert Blackwel, Kt.

A List of the Governour and Directors of this Company.