The Companies or Societies of the Freemen of the City of London; their Order, with the Places where their several Halls are situate: Together with the later Companies, that have no Halls, or no Liveries.


Order of the Companies.Hall, where situate.
1. Mercers.Cheapside.
2. Grocers.Poultry.
3. Drapers.Throgmorton-street.
4. Fishmongers.Thames-street.
5. Goldsmiths.Foster-lane.
6. Skinners.Dowgate.
7. Merchant Taylors.Threadneedle-street.
8. Haberdashers.Maiden lane by Woodstreet
9. Salters.London-stone.
10. IronmongersFanchurch-street.
11. Vintners.Thames-street, Three Cranes.
12. Clothworkers.Mincing-lane.
13. Dyers.Thames-street.
14. Brewers.Addle-street.
15. Leathersellers.St. Helen's in Bishopsgate-street.
16. Pewterers. Lime-street.
17. Barber-Surgeons.Mugwel-street.
18. Cutlers.Cloak-lane.
19. Bakers, White and Brown, incorporated. Harp-lane in Tower-street.
20. Wax Chandlers.Maiden-lane by Woodstreet.
21. Tallow Chandlers.Dowgate.
22. Armourers.Coleman-street.
23. Girdlers.Bassingshall-street.
24. Butchers.Butchers-lane Shambles.
25. Sadlers.Cheapside.
26. Carpenters.London-wall in Alhallows.
27. Cordwainers.Distaff-lane.
28. Apothecaries.Black-friers.
29. Painter-Stainers.Trinity-lane.
30. Curriers.London-wall by Cripplegate.
31. Masons. To this Marblers incorporated. Bassingshall street.
32. Plumbers.Dowgate by Cherier-Yard.
33. Innholders.Elboe-lane by Dowgate.
34. Founders.Lothbury.
35. Poulterers.Butchers-lane Shambles.
36. Cooks and Pastelers.Aldersgate-street.
37. Coopers.Bassingshall-street.
38. Tilers and Bricklayers.Leadenhall street by Creechurch.
39. Bowyers.Noble-street.
40. Fletchers.St. Mary Axe.

Order of the Companies.Hall, where situate.
41. Blacksmiths.Lambeth-hill.
42. Joyners.Freer Alley in Thames-street.
43. Weavers.Bassingshall street.
44. Woolpackers.Philpot-lane in Turners-hall.
45. Woodmongers.Dukes Place.
46. Scriveners.Noble-street.
47. Fruiterers.Vintrie, Three Cranes.
48. Plaisterers.Wood-street.
49. Stationers.Ave-mary-lane.
50. Embroiderers.Gutter-lane.
51. Upholders.St. Peters Hill.
52. Musicians.Addle street.
53. Turners.Philpot-lane.
54. Basket-makers. No Livery.Broad-street.
55. Glaziers.Thames-street at the End of St. Peters Hill.
56. Farriers.Without London-wall at the Postern over-against Bassingshall-street.
57. Loriners.Shoe-lane.
58. Paviers. No Livery.No Hall.
59. Bottle-makers and Horners. No Livery.Petticoat-lane.
60. Glovers. No Livery.Beech-lane.
61. Felt-makers, a Brotherhood. No Livery.No Hall.
62. Long Bowstring-makers. No Livery.No Hall.
63. Watermen. No Livery. Three Cranes, Vintrie.
64. Silk-Throwsters. No Livery.No Hall.
65. Starch-makers. No Livery.No Hall.
66. Pin-makers. No Livery.No Hall.
67. Clock-makers. No Livery.No Hall.
68. Spectacle makers. No Livery.No Hall.
69. Comb-makers. No Livery.No Hall.
70. Parish Clarks. No Livery.Three Cranes, Vintrie.

There are also Persons of divers other Trades and Sciences, more lately combined into Societies; several whereof were formerly Branches of other Corporations. Some of these have Charters, and others none: whose Charters and Arms have not come to hand, or been refused to be shewn, viz. Framework-Knitters, Gun-makers, Card makers, Fan-makers, and Spectacle-makers.

These that follow were anciently Members of other Companies: viz. Needle-makers, of the Company of Pinners and Needlers; Gold and Silver Wiredrawers, of the Company of Goldsmiths; Long Bowstring-makers, of the Bowstringers, under the Bowyers and Fletchers; Carmen, of the Company of Woodmongers.

When Members for the City were to be sent to sit in Parliament, they were chosen by the Liveries of the Companies. And every one of the Liveries of these Companies were warned by several Tickets delivered to the several Beadles of every Company who have Liveries, and to none other, with the Sheriffs Names subscribed to every Ticket: As, "You are to warn the Liveries of your Company to meet at their Hall, and from thence to go together in their Livery Gowns unto the Guild-Hall, London, on Wednesday next the of this instant July, at eight of the Clock in the Morning, for the Election of six fit Persons to serve as Members for the City of London, in the Parliament next following, to be holden at Westminster, &c. Dated the 8th of July, 1654."
Walter Bigs,
James Philips, Sheriffs.

Liveries elect Representatives for Parliament.

I find by divers Lists of these Companies, that their Order of Place and Precedency doth vary. The most authentick List of them seems to be that printed lately by the City Printer, John Barber, at the End of a little Book shewing the Order

J. S.