[Dyers. Brewers.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.201

[Dyers. Brewers.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.

The other Companies following the Twelve. DYERS. BREWERS. Controversies about Gauging their Vessels. Quantity of Beer brewed in London. Number of Brewers. Prices set upon Beer and Ale. Portage Beer. LEATHERSELLERS. The Glovers Complaint against them. A Patent for Sealing of Leather; earnestly opposed by the Company. PEWTERERS: Their Patent for casting of Tin Bars.

THE Place and Precedency of the rest of the Companies is not reckoned according to the Antiquity of their respective Charters granted them by the Kings of England. For many of more modern Times incorporated, do take Place of others more ancient. As appears by the Year of their Incorporations under each King's Reign. That which stands now after the Twelfth, is that of the]

Precedency of the rest of the Companies.

J. S.


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KING Henry the Sixth, late King of England, of famous Memory, by his Highness Letters Patents, or Charter of Incorporation, bearing date the sixteenth day of February, in the nine and fortieth * year from the beginning of his Reign; and in the first year of the Redemption of his Royal Power, did incorporate the Company of the DYERS in London; and so they have ever since continued.

*Henry VI. reigned but 39 Years.

They were made a Brotherhood or Guild in the 4th of Henry VI. And appointed to consist of a Guardian or Warden, and Commonalty, the 12 of Edw. IV. J. S.

In the Heralds Visitation Book, the Chevron in the Dyers Arms is ingrailed. And there be added Supporters, viz. two Lions rampant guardant, semy with Roundlets of divers colours, as Gules, Azure, Vert and Sable, Coronets on their Heads, and Flames issuing out of their Mouths and Ears. The Crest, on a Wreath, several Leaves, with Flowers and Berries, seeming to be Holly Leaves and Holly Berries.

Their Arms.

J. S.

This Company have Privilege of keeping Swans on the River of Thames.

Some Account of the Charitable DONATIONS belonging to the Company of DYERS, and their BENEFACTORS.


Benefactors to, or whose Charities have been intrusted with the Company.Their GIFTS.For what USES.
Mr. Henry West,61. 1s. 4d. per Ann.To eight Alms People in Holborne: that is, to each Quarterly 2s. 2d. And to each for Coals per Ann. 6s. 6d.
Sir Robert Tyrwit, Jun.An Almshouse in White-Cock Alley in Thame street, containing 8 Rooms.To each quarterly 8s. 8d.
And to each yearly for Coals, 16s.

Mrs. Elizabeth Banister,
{ 5l. per Ann.
{ 5l. per Ann.
{ 6s. 8d. per Ann.
To the Poor of Alhallows the Less.
To the Parish of Christchurch.
To 15 Poor of the Company.
Mr. Henry Trevillian,
Mr. Richard Stock
1l. 6s. 8d. per Ann.For Shirts and Smocks for 4 poor Men, and 4 poor Women of the same Parish, every second Year.
Mr. Henry Trevilian,4l. 10s. every other yearFor the Discharge of two Prisoners out of the Poultry Compter, either Men or Women. Given every other Good-Friday: and 5s. to each afterwards.
Mr. Richard Stock,5l. per Ann.To five poor Journeymen Dyers, or their Widows; that is, 5s. each quarterly.
Mr. John Wynn,4l. every second year.For Gowns for 4 poor Men, and 4 poor Women, aged 50. Given every second Year.
Mr. John Stock,6l. per Ann.To 6 poor Journeymen Dyers, or their Widows: 5s to each quarterly.


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THE Charter of the BREWERS was granted by King Henry the Sixth, and his Letters Patents dated at Windsor, the two and twentieth of February, in the sixth Year of his Reign. Moreover, it was re-confirmed at Greenwich, July the 12th, and second Year of Queen Elizabeth of blessed memory.

These Arms were granted to this Corporation by William Hawkslow, Clarencieux, by Patent dated July 23. 1468, under the Seal of his Arms. Afterwards Tho. Hawly, Clarencieux, granted to the same Corporation the Arms and a Crest, bearing

The Arms.

J. S.