The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [The Apparel.]170


at Westminster) or at Saint Mary Hill (if the King be then at Greenwich) by seven of the Clock in the morning; wearing their Scarlet Gowns; and their Cloaks carried with them. After Morning Prayer is ended, they take Barge to the King his Place, and there they give Attendance, until that the Ceremony be finished; and then return home with the Lord Maior to Dinner.]

For going to PAUL's the first Sunday of every Term.


ALL the Aldermen do meet the Lord Maior and the Sheriffs at Paul's, wearing their Scarlet Gowns, either furred or lined, [according as the Time of the Year requireth] without Cloaks or Horses, when the Term beginneth.

The Maior and Sheriffs only ride.

For the Election of Knights and Burgesses of the PARLIAMENT.


ALL the Aldermen do meet the Lord Maior and the Sheriffs at Guild-hall, by Nine of the Clock in the morning, in their Violet Gowns and their Cloaks, either furred or lined, according as the Time of the Year requireth when they shall be chosen. And they sit in the Hustings Court, whilst the Commons choose them. The Order hath been, that they must choose Master Recorder for one of their Knights, and one Gray Cloak for the other, and two Commoners for the Burgesses: Which being done, they depart.

Knights and Burgesses for sitting in Parliament.

For the LORDS of the COUNCIL, when they come about the Subsidies.


WHEN the Lords and Commissioners come down for Assessment of the Subsidies, the Lord Maior and the Aldermen do wear their black Gowns, as they use at other times. And the Commissioners are to be warned by the Officers which do belong to both the Sheriffs.]

Commissioners for assessing the Subsidies.

For Election of BRIDGE-MASTERS, if any of them depart within the Year.


THE Lord Maior and the Aldermen in their Violet Gowns without their Cloaks, sit in the Hustings Court, while they be chosen: and do not remove until such time as the Election be made.

Upon death, or removing.

At such Time as a King is to be Crowned.


ALL the Aldermen do meet the Lord Maior and the Sheriffs at the Three Cranes in the Vintree, according to the hour of their Summons appointed. The Lord Maior (for that Time of Service and Attendance) weareth a Crimosin Velvet Gown, a Collar of Esses and Scepter, but no Cloak. The Aldermen wear their Scarlet Gowns, and their Cloaks carried with them, either furred or lined, according as the Seaon of the Year requireth. There taking Barge, they land at Westminster, and there they give Attendance in the Exchequer Chamber, (being served with Cakes and Wine) until they be called by the Heralds; and then they put on their Cloaks.]

How the Lord Maior and Aldermen are apparalled for such a Solemnity.

At what Times the Lord Maior weareth his Cloak.


FROM Michaelmas to Whitsontide, Violet furred; and from Whitsontide to * Michaelmas, Scarlet lined.

Beginning upon Michaelmas Even.

*Instead of Michaelmas, formerly it was Lammas.

The Lord Maior, and those Knights that have born the Office of the Maioralty, ought to have their Cloaks furred with Gray Amis. And those Aldermen that have not been Maiors, are to have their Cloaks furred with Calabre.

And likewise, such as have been Maiors, are to have their Cloaks lined with changeable Taffata: and the rest are to have their Cloaks lined with Green Taffata.]

A very necessary observation.

For the first Day of every QUARTER SESSIONS.


THE first Day of every Quarter Sessions (in the Forenoon only) the Lord Maior and the Sheriffs wear their Violet Gowns and Cloaks furred. But at Midsummer Quarter Sessions, the first Day, they wear Violet Gowns and Scarlet Cloaks; and on the other Days, Black.]

For the Burial of ALDERMEN.


THE Aldermen must be in their Violet Gowns, except such as have of their Friends Black Gowns, or Mourning. [When an Alderman dieth, Master Sword-bearer is to have a Black Gown, or Three and thirty Shillings and Four Pence in Money.] And if any Alderman deceased do give the Lord Maior a Black Gown, Master Sword-bearer must have another, or Forty Shillings in Money, as the Value thereof, and so carry the Sword in Black before the Lord Maior.

The last Love, Duty, and Ceremony one to another.

[Master Chamberlain is not to wear his Tippet, but when the Lord Maior or Aldermen do wear their Scarlet or Violet.

Mr. Chamberlain's Tippet.

[At the Nomination of an ALDERMAN.


FOR the Nomination of an Alderman, the Lord Maior weareth his Black Gown, and Violet Cloak, and both the Sheriffs their Black Gowns.]

Nominating an Alderman.

[For the Election of GOVERNOURS at Christ's Hospital, &c.


FOR the Election of Governours, belonging to the several Hospitals, the Lord Maior and the Aldermen do wear their Black Gowns.

A. M.

Chief OFFICERS to attend the Lord Maior on Great Days.


THE four Pleaders, the Chamberlain, Town-Clerk, Common Serjeant, the two Judges of the Sheriffs Court, the Secondaries of the Counters, the Under-Chamberlain, and Bridgemasters, are to attend the Lord Maior at his House, before his going abroad at Festival Times, and general Days.

Courts of ALDERMEN, Where and When to be kept.


COURTS of Aldermen in Ordinary are kept at Guild-hall every Tuesday and Thursday thorow the whole Year; except Holidays, and the Month of August until Bartholomew Day be past, the Week before Christmas, Shrove-Tuesday, and the Week before Easter.]

☞ This Tract of the Order of the Lord Maior, Aldermen, and Sheriffs, &c. is often reprinted, for the Use of those that are concerned. It was printed lately, viz. 1715.

J. S.

For the ORPHANS Court.


THE Lord Maior and the Aldermen come to the Guild-hall, wearing their Violet Gowns without Cloaks: but the Lord Maior must have his Cloak on. The Common Cryer is the Warner of this Court.

On the day, and at the hour appointed.

[These Customs for Meetings on particular Days, and for wearing the Habits, I have compared with a little authentic Book (out of which this is copied) being printed by John Day in the Year 1568. And that which is added in several Places by the Transcriber,

J. S.