[Aldermen of the Wards.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.157

[Aldermen of the Wards.] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.

not a Man in London, whose Suit in this matter could be more unreasonable. That the Example were prerillous to the City, considering the great Charge that was to be born in these Offices, and the Unwillingness of miserable rich Men to take that Charge upon them. For one Precedent being had, they by this and like ways would always travail to be discharged; and good Men, weaker in Wealth, should for love to the City be driven to undo themselves, by taking such Offices upon them; and finally the City unserved.

The Wards are to elect their Aldermen and Common Councilmen. But for the regulating and adjusting of the Nomination of an Alderman, and electing of Common Councilmen from time to time, was an Act of Common Council made, Sir Thomas Stamp Maior, Anno 1692. By which Act it was declared, "That it is, and anciently hath been the Right and Privilege of the Freemen of the City only, being Housholders, paying Scot and bearing Lot, and of none other whatsoever, in their respective Wards, from time to time to nominate Aldermen, and elect Common Councilmen. And it was enacted by the Authority aforesaid, that at all Wardmoots the Beadles of the respective Wards shall prepare and deliver to the Aldermen of the several Wards, or to such as shall be deputed and authorized to hold the same, one List of all the Freemen aforesaid, dwelling within the respective Wards, and also another List of other Housholders within the Ward: To the intent that such Freemen Housholders within the Wards only, as often as there is occasion, may nominate Aldermen and elect Common Councilmen; and that together with other Housholders they may choose their Constables, Scavengers, Inquest and Beadles. And to all and every Precept and Precepts hereafter to issue, and to be sent out for sommoning Wardmoots, this present Act be annexed and affixed. And before any Nomination or Election, the same to be publickly read and declared to the Persons who shall be and appear at such Courts."

Aldermen and Common Councilmen elected by the Wards.

At Wardmoots , Lists to be presented of the Freemen, &c.

All the Aldermen that have past the Chair, and the three eldest Aldermen that have not been Maiors, are by their Charter Justices of the Peace within the City and Freedom thereof.]

R. B.

As the Wards were placed and treated of before in this Book, according to the order of their beginning Eastward; so the Names of the Aldermen that had the Government and Direction of them in the Year 1633 (when this Survey was last published) are set down; That is, not according to their Degree as Knights, but as the Wards stand, so do the Aldermen respectively.

Aldermen of the Wards, Anno 1633.

WARDS on the East side of WALBROOKE, and their ALDERMEN, as they stood in the Edition of this Book Anno 1618.


1. Portsoken.Mr. Cuthbert Hacket.
2. Towerstreet.Sir John Jolles, Knt.
3. Aldgate.Sir Francis Jones, Knt.
4. Limestreet.Sir William Cravon, Knt.
5. Bishopsgate.Mr. Thomas Benet.
6. Broadstreet.Sir Thomas Lowe, Knt.
7. Cornhill.Mr. Robert Johnson.
8. Langborne. Sir John Leman, Knt.
9. Billingsgate.Sir Sebastian Harvey, Knt.
10. Bridge Within.Mr. William Goare.
11. CandlewickstreetSir John Garrard, Knt.
12. Walbrooke.George Bolles, Ld. Maior.
13. Downegate.Mr. Allen Cotton.

WARDS on the West side of WALBROOKE.


14. Vintry.Mr. William Lumley.
15. Cordwainerstreet.Mr. Alexander Prescot.
16. Cheap Ward.Sir Stephen Some, Knt.
17. Colemanstreet.Sir Thomas Middleton, Knt.
18. Bassin-Hall.Sir Thomas Bennet, Knt.
19. Cripplesgate.Mr. William Halliday.
20. Aldersgate. Mr. John Goare.
21. Farringdon Within.Mr. Edward Barkham.
22. Breadstreet.Mr. Edward Rotheram.
23. Queenhith.Mr. Peter Proby.
24. Castle Baynard.Sir William Cockaine, Knt.
25. Farringdon Without.Mr. Henry Jaye.
26. Bridge Without.Mr. Richard Piot.

WARDS on the East side of WALBROOKE, and their ALDERMEN, as they stood in the time of the former Edition, Anno 1633.


1. Portsoken.Alderman Parkhurst.
2. Aldgate.Alderman Rainton.
2. Towerstreet.Sir Hugh Hammersley.
4. Limestreet.Sir James Cambell.
5. Bishopsgate.Alderman Backhouse.
6. Broadstreet.Alderman Moulson.
7. Cornehill.Alderman Freeman.
8. Langborne.Sir George Whitmore.
9. Billingsgate.Alderman Cletherow.
10. Bridge Within.Alderman Poole.
11. Candlewickstreet.Sir Richard Deane.
12. Walbrooke.Sir John Goare.
13. Downegate.Alderman Bromfield.

WARDS on the West side of WALBROOKE, and their Aldermen Anno 1632.


14. Vintry.Alderman Garaway.
15. Cordwainerstreet.Alderman Wright.
16. Cheape.Sir Edward Barkkam.
17. Colemanstreet.Sir Maurice Abbot.
18. Basing-Hall.Sir Rob. Ducie, Kt. and Bar.
19. Cripplegate.Alderman Cranmer.
20. Aldersgate. Sir W. Acton, kt. and Bar.
21. Farringdon Within.Alderman Smith.
22. Breadstreet.Sir Martin Lumley.
23. Queen Hithe.Alderman Perry.
24. Castle Baynard.Alderman Venne.
25. Farringdon Without.Alderman Cambell.
26. Bridge Without.Alderman Abdy.

To each of the Wards, besides an Alderman, belong his Deputy, and divers Common Councilmen, more or less, according to the Largeness and Extent of the Ward. I here insert the Names of them as they are at present, or lately were, from a printed List of them.

A List