[Maiors and Sheriffs] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.143

[Maiors and Sheriffs] The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT.

A.D. 1632.}{ Hugh Perry.
8 Car' I. } Sheriffs,{ Henry Andrews.
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MAIOR, Sir Nicolas Raynton, Haberdasher.
He was the Son of Robert Raynton of Highinton in the County of Lincoln.

The third part of London Bridge burned.

London's Fountain of Arts and Sciences. Shewn at the Entrance of the Right Honourable Nicolas Raynton to his Maioralty. At the Charge and Expence of the Right Worshipful the Company of Haberdashers. Written by Thomas Heywood, 1632.

J. S.

A.D. 1633.}{ Gil. Harrison, Goldsmith.
9 Car' I. } Sheriffs,{ Rich. Gurney, Clothwork.
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MAIOR, the Right Honourable Raphe Freeman, Clothworker.
Son of William Freeman of the Town and County of Northampton for part of the Year;
And Sir Thomas Moulson, second Son of Thomas Moulson of Hargrave in Cheshire, for the remainder.

London's Emporia, or London's Mercatura. Expressed in sundry Triumphs, Pageants and Shews, at the Inauguration of the Right Honourable Raphe Freeman. At the Charge of the Right Worshipful Company of Clothworkers. Written by Thomas Heywood, 1633.

☞ Hitherto this List of the Maiors and Sheriffs is continued by A.M. Brought down from hence to the End by J.S.]

A.D. 1634.}{ John Highlord, Skinner.
10 Car' I. } Sheriffs,{ John Cordall, Mercer.
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MAIOR again, Sir Thomas Moulson.

Continuance of the Maiors and Sheriffs.

A.D. 1635.}{ Thomas Soame, Grocer.
11 Car' I. } Sheriffs, { Jonn Gayer, Fishmonger.
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MAIOR, Sir Robert Parkhurst, Clothworker,
Fourth Son of Henry Parkhurst of Guilford in Surrey, Gent.

A.D. 1636.}{ William Abell, Vintner.
12 Car' I. } Sheriffs,{ Jacob Garrard, Salter.
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MAIOR, Sir Christopher Cletheroe, Ironmonger,
Son of Henry Cletherow of London, Ironmonger.

The said Sir Christopher married two Wives. The first, Catharine, Daughter of Thomas Rowland of London; the second, Mary, Daughter of Sir Thomas Cambel, Knt. and Aderman.

A.D. 1637.}{ Thomas Atkyn, Mercer.
13 Car' I. } Sheriffs,{ Edward Rudge.
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MAIOR, Sir Edward Bromfield, Fishmonger,
Son of Thomas Bromfield of Odemere in Sussex, and Son of Thomas Bromfield of Ilford in Barkin Parish in Essex. Sir John Bromfield Baronet, now or late living, his Grandson.

A.D. 1638.}{ Isaac Pennington, Fishmonger.
14 Car' I. } Sheriffs,{ John Woolaston, Goldsmith.
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MAIOR, Sir Richard Fenn, Haberdasher,
Son of Hugh Fenn of Wotton-Underedge in Gloucestershire.

A.D. 1639.}{ Thomas Adams, Draper.
15 Car' I. } Sheriffs,{ John Warner, Grocer.
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MAIOR, Sir Maurice Abbot, Draper,
Fifth Son of Sir Maurice Abbot of Guilford in Surrey. His Grandfather Abbot of Farnham. His Brother George, Archbishop of Canterbury; his Brother Robert, Bishop of Salisbury.

A.D. 1640.