The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Maiors and Sheriffs.]114

The TEMPORAL GOVERNMENT. [Maiors and Sheriffs.]

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MAIOR, Sir Nicolas Brembar, Grocer.

John Philpot, a Citizen of London, sent Ships to the Sea, and scoured it of Pirates, taking many of them Prisoners.

He was a bold and worthy Member of Parliament, at or about this Time. And when a Bill was brought in, in the Name of the King, by means of the offended Duke of Lancaster, that the City of London should be no more governed by a Maior, but by a Custos, as in Times before: And that the Marshal of England (who was then Lord Percie) should have all the Power of making Arrests within the City; with other Petitions tending to the like Derogation of the Liberties of the City: He stood up and said, Such a matter was never heard before; and that the Maior of London would never suffer any such Arrest to be brought into the City; with more such Words of the like Stoutness.]

Hist. Monach. S. Albani.

J. S.

A.D. 1378.}{ John Boseham.
2 Rich' II. } Sheriffs,{ Thomas Cornwallis.
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MAIOR, Sir John Philpot, Grocer.

This Sir John Philpot gave to the City, Lands, for the finding of thirteen poor people for ever.

A.D. 1379.}{ John Helisdon.
3 Rich' II. } Sheriffs,{ William Barrat.
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MAIOR, John Hadley, Grocer.

A.D. 1380.}{ Walter Doget. *
4 Rich' II. } Sheriffs,{ William Knighthode. †
MAIOR, William Walworth, Fishmonger.

*Ducket, Sum.

†Knightcoat, First Edit.

This William Walworth arrested Wat Tyler the Rebel, and was Knighted. He increased the Parish Church of St. Michael in Crooked Lane, and founded there a College. Other Aldermen were also then Knighted with him, for their Service in the Field.

A.D. 1381.}{ John Rote.
5 Rich' II. } Sheriffs, { John Hynde. *
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MAIOR, John Northampton, Draper.

*Hend, First Edit.

A.D. 1382.}{ Adam Bamme. *
6 Rich' II. } Sheriffs,{ John Sely.
MAIOR, John Northampton, Draper or rather Skinner, as I find in some Record.

*Bawme, First Edit.

This Maior took strict Order for the Suppression of Usury, which prevailed much about these Times; and therein had so good Success, that the Commons in Parliament, as they had done in Walworth's Time, petitioned the King, That against the horrible Vice of Usury (then termed Shefes) and practised as well by the Clergy as Laity, the Order made by John Northampton, late Maior of London, might be executed through the Realm. Whereunto the King answered, The King willeth those Ordinances to be viewed; and if they be found to be necessary, that the same be then affirmed.

Northampton, Maior, takes Order against Usury. L. Coke's Institut. p. 3.

J. S.

Roll of Parliament 14 R. II.

This Maior's last Will bore date, Anno 1382. died 1397.

A.D. 1383.}{ Simon Winchcombe.
7 Rich' II. } Sheriffs, { John More.
MAIOR, Sir Nicolas Brembar, Grocer.

John Northampton, late Maior of London, was committed to perpetual Prison, and his Goods confiscated.

A.D. 1384.}{ Nicolas Exton.
8 Rich' II. } Sheriffs, { John French.
MAIOR, Sir Nicolas Brembar, Grocer,
Knighted with William Walworth.

A.D. 1385.}{ John Organ.
9 Rich' II. } Sheriffs, { John Churchman.
MAIOR, Sir Nicolas Brembar, Grocer.

The foresaid John Churchman now builded the Customhouse near to the Tower of London, and did many other Works for the Commodity of this City.

A.D. 1386.}{ William Stondon.
10 Rich' II. } Sheriffs, { William More.
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MAIOR, Nicolas Exton, Fishmonger.

This Year the Citizens of London, fearing the French, pulled down Houses near about their City, repaired their Walls, and cleansed their Ditches, &c.