Suburbs. The Manours of Stepney and Hackney. 87

Suburbs. The Manours of Stepney and Hackney.

the said Thomas Lord Wentworth is now, and then shall be seized of the said Manours and Premisses, upon a Bill of Complaint against his Lordship, in his Majesty's Court of Chancery to be exhibited: his Lordship will appear, and make such Answer, and further such Proceedings, that thereupon a perfect Decree (with the free Consent and Agreement of his Lordship) may be had, and there enrouled against his Lordship, his Heirs and Assigns. By which the said Articles, Covenants, Agreements, Certainty of Fines, Usages and Customs, and all the Compositions, Liberties, Privileges, Freedoms, Immunities, Discharges, Matters and Things in the said Indenture and Scedules, or any of them contained; shall be decreed, ratified, established and made good, and put in Use, used and enjoyed for ever.

That he the said Thomas Lord Wentworth, his Heirs and Assigns, at his and their own proper Costs and Charges, will procure at the first Session of the next Parliament of our Sovereign Lord the King's Majesty, his Heirs or Successors, one Statute or Act of Parliament, by force whereof the said Articles, Covenants, Agreements, Certainty of Fines, Usages, Customs, Compositions, Enlargements, and Alterations of Usages, Customs, Compositions, Liberties, Privileges, Benefits, Freedoms, Immunities, Discharges, Matters and Things in the said Indenture and Scedules, or either of them expressed; shall be established, ratified, enacted and confirmed to be, and to continue for ever of Force, and to be put in Ure and used for ever hereafter, in such State, Manner and Form, Quality, Condition, and Degree, as the same are in the said Indenture or Scedules, or any of them expressed, for and concerning the Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, whereof they now are Copyholders, or reputed Copyholders. Towards the Charges of procuring of which the said Act of Parliament, the said Tenants are to pay unto the said Thomas Lord Wentworth, his Heirs or Executors, within one Month next after the obtaining and passing thereof, the Sum of twenty Pounds.

That an Act of Parliament shall be procured, to confirm the same for ever.

The Tenants must pay twenty Pound towards the Charges of it.

That he the said Thomas Lord Wentworth, his Heirs and Assigns, at any time within five Years next ensuing the Date of the said Indenture, before such Act of Parliament, as aforesaid, had and obtained, at the Costs in the Law of the said Copyhold Tenants, or some of them, upon Request made unto him the said Thomas Lord Wentworth, his Heirs or Assigns, by the said Sir John Jolles, Kt. and Alderman of London, William Gough, Edmund Barber, John Eglesfield, Isaac Cotton, Thomas Best, Richard Hoskins, George Saris, Henry Dethick, John Howland, Thomas Yardly, John Lowden, Richard Cheyney, Gresham Hoogan, William Palmer, Nicholas Dickens, Nicholas Diggins, Peter Summer, John Bennet, Richard Edwards, Michael Bonner, and Nicholas Hollam, or any ten of them, or any ten of the Heirs or Assigns of them, shall and will make, do, acknowledge, execute and suffer all and every such further Acts, Deeds and Assurances, for better settling, assuring and confirming of the Usages, Customs, Benefits, Liberties, Privileges, Immunities, Discharges, Certainty of Fines, Compositions, Agreements, Matters and Things in the said Indenture and Scedules contained, as by them, or any ten of them shall be reasonably devised, advised and required. That every one of the said Copyhold Tenants, their Heirs and Assigns, shall and may freely hereafter from Time to Time, grant, lease or demise by Deed or otherwise (without Licence or Copy of Court Roul) such or so much of their said Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, to such Person and Persons, and for such Term and Estate, not exceeding one and thir- ty Years and four Months, in Possession from the Time of the making of any such Grant or Demise; as to them, and every, or any of them respectively, shall be thought fit or necessary, without any Forfeit of Estate, Seizure, Claim, Disturbance, Denial or Impeachment of his Lordship, his Heirs or Assigns, or any of his or their Officers. So always, that such Grant, Lease and Leases so to be made, be at the first or second general Court, (for the Manour whereof, the Lands or Tenements so happening to be granted, leased or demised are parcel) to be holden next after the making thereof, be published in open Court of that Manour, before the Homage there, and a Remembrance thereof to be required to be made in the Rouls of the said Court, for the Date, Term and Quantity of Lands, Cottages, or Tenements so granted, leased or demised. Which Remembrance, the said Thomas Lord Wentworth covenanteth and granteth for him, his Heirs and Assigns; to and with the said Sir John Jolles, and the rest of the said Copyhold Tenants, upon the Tender of a Certainty thereof in Writing, to the Steward, or Deputy Steward of that Manour for the Time then being, together with six Pence in Money, for the entring thereof, shall be in the Court Rouls of that Manour duly, and in convenient Time, and without Delay enrolled, and a Note thereof delivered by the Steward, or his Deputy, to the Party so leasing, or any for him, without any other Consideration, Fee or Reward, to be given or paid for the same.

For better Assurance within five Years.

The Names contained in the Iedenture.

That Leases may be let for thirty one Years and four Months without Licence.

That whereas the said Thomas Lord Wentworth, by his Highness Letters Patents under the Great Seal of England, dated the nineteenth Day of July, in the thirteenth Year of his Majesty's Reign of England, and forty eight of Scotland, hath obtained Licence to grant to such of his Majesty's Liege People as he shall think fit, Messuages, Cottages, Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, Parcel, or reputed Parcel of the said Manours: To hold to them, their Heirs and Assigns (in free and common Socage) respectively, of his said Manours of Stepney and Hackney, by such and the same Rents and Services, and other Profits, as in the Conveyances thereof shall be expressed, and not to hold of the King in Capite, nor of any of his Majesty's Honours, or Manours in Knights Service, as by the said Letters Patents more at large may appear. Now if the said Thomas Lord Wentworth shall not at the first Session of the next Parliament procure such an Act of Parliament, to be good and effectual in Law for the Purposes aforesaid: Then his Lordship will at all Times, after the End of the said first Session of the said next Parliament, upon reasonable Requests, and at the Costs of the Tenants (whom it shall concern) their Heirs or Assigns, make, do and execute such reasonable Acts, Devices, and Assurances in Law; whereby the said Copyholders, their Heirs or Assigns respectively, shall hold and enjoy their, and every of their said Copyholds, Messuages, Houses, Lands, Cottages and Hereditaments, with the like Ways, Easements, Commons and Commodities, as are thereto now belonging, or now therewith used or enjoyed. And the Freehold and Inheritance thereof respectively to them and to their respective Heirs and Assigns for ever, to be holden of such of the same Manours, whereof the same is now holden in free and common Socage, for and under the several and respective yearly Rents for all Services and Demands, as they or any of them do now severally and respectively pay for the same, as by them, or their Council learned, shall be reasonably devised and required.

Recital of the Letters Patents from the King to my Lord concerning the Freehold.

If the Act of Parliament be not procured, then the Tenants (upon Request) shall be made Freeholders.