The Parish of St. Giles in the Fields. The Bounds and present State of it. Chapel in Great Queen Street. St. Giles's Church. New built. Monuments of the Dead there.

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A MAPP of the PARISH of S   A MAPP of the PARISH of St GILES's in the Fields ]

THE ancient Hospital of St. Giles was taken notice of before by Stow, but the Parish not at all; because, I suppose, it stood at such a distance from the City in his time; but now being so exceedingly spread in Buildings, that it is become contiguous to the City, and so considerable for the Structures and Inhabitants, it is reckoned into the Suburbs.]

St. Giles Parish.

J. S.

And the present state of the Parish of St. Giles in the Fields, stands thus:

It is of a very large extent, and as populous, with a mixture of rich Inhabitants, to wit, of the Nobility, Gentry, and Commonalty; but withal, filled with abundance of Poor.

R. B.

As to the Bounds or Girt-Line of this Parish, I shall begin on the back side of Portugal Row in Lincolns Inn Fields, towards Clare Market, at the Stone or Parish Mark. Thence it runs along the Stablings in the said Row, taking in only the Houses; from thence it crosseth into Lincolns Inn New Court, where the Parish Mark is set up in the Wall, and so to the Pump that stands by the Garden Pales: and from this Pump it runneth Northward, in a direct Line, crossing the Garden into Holbourn, by the Entry called Gridiron Alley, which is about ten Doors from Turnstile. And from thence it runs on the South side as far as New Turnstile Alley, where it crosseth the Street to the North side, to the House where the Stone Mark is at the Door, being six Doors from Kings-gate; and thence it crosseth the Buildings into Eagle street, and turning to the corner of the said Street, runs Northward by the Wall of the Gardens belonging to King street in Bloomsbury; and so streight into the Fields to the Conduit called the Devils Chimney; and from thence two Fields Northwards beyond Lambs Conduit, where there is a Stone Landmark set up. And from thence it runs Westward to Tottenham Court Road, so to the Dog Kennel; and thence to St. Giles's Pound, where it crosseth the Road into Hog Lane, running down the same to the corner of Monmouth Street. Where it crosseth and passeth by the New Buildings formerly called Cock and Pye Fields; and from thence turns down into Castle Street, to the lower end thereof, taking in all the North side of the Street; and from the Red Lyon back Gate it runs cross the Houses into Drury Lane, four Doors from the corner of Brownlow Street. And there it crosseth to the East side of Drury Lane, and runs down two Doors beyond the Horshoe Tavern at the corner of Princes Street. And there it crosseth the back side of the Houses of Princes Street into Stanhope Street: where it crosses and takes in the Tallow Chandlers and the other jetting-out House. And from thence it runs down Duke street, as far as the House, where the Parish Stone Mark is set up, opposite to the Turning into new Weld street. Then crossing the Houses it runs into Bear Yard; thence into Sheffield street which it crosseth, and so into a Paved Yard, where there is an Entry or Passage by the Black Jack; and crossing the Street brings to the Parish Stone Mark, on the Backside of Portugal Row, where I began; and all the Streets, Alleys and Courts within this Girt Line are within this Parish; all which doth further appear in the Mapp thereof.

Its Bounds.

Now for the particular Description of each Place.

I shall begin with Lincolns Inn Fields, and the Outlets, then with those Streets contiguous to it, as Duke street, Princes street, Weld street, Drury Lane, with the Courts and Alleys therein. Then Great and Little Queen street, with Lutners Lane, and the other Places that fall into Drury Lane and Holborn. Then Brownlow street, Belton street, Castle street, Shorts Gardens, King street, Monmouth street, and the Streets going out of Hog Lane, as Denmark street, &c. Then again I shall begin at St. Giles Pound, and so run down all the South side unto Turnstile, taking in the Courts and Alleys of Note, and the like on the North side; and so conclude with Blomsbury, or Southampton Buildings up to Tottenham Road.

Lincolns Inn Fields, a very curious spacious Place, with an excellent Air, and therefore garnished with three Rows of very good Houses, very well inhabited, viz. Portugal Row on the South side, the Arched Row on the West side, and Holborn or Newmans Row on the North side. Of which the two first are very large, and for the generality taken up by the Nobility and Gentry. The East side lieth open to Lincolns Inn Garden, which gives a delightful Prospect to the Inhabitants: It is a great Thoroughfare both for Horse and Foot; and hath these Places for Passage; on the North side is great Turnstile Alley, a great Thoroughfare which leadeth into Holborn, a Place inhabited by Shoemakers, Sempsters, and Milleners; for which it is of a considerable Trade and well noted; at the Entrance of this Alley and on the Back side of Holborn Row is Whetstone Park, once famous for its infamous and vicious Inhabitants; which some Years since were forced away; and out of this Place there are several small Alleys which lead into Holborn. And on the North west End there is a Passage into Holborn, through little Turnstile Alley, very ordinary. Then Southwards there are two open Passages, the one into Lincolns Inn, and Little Lincolns Inn Fields, now converted into Buildings and the other at the West End, leading into Clare Market through Sheffield street. And then Westwards, over against Portugal Row is a Passage into Bear Yard, with a Free Stone Pavement. Next to it is the Arch which leadeth into Dukestreet; More Northwards, and turning by Powis House, sometime the Seat of Sir John Somers, (after Lord Somers) late Lord Chancellor of England, there is a Passage into Queen street.

Lincolns Inn Fields.

Turnstile Alley.

Whetstone Park.

Little Turnstile Alley.

Powis House.

Duke street is on the North side; all in this Parish, as also the greatest Part of the South side, as is laid down in the Parish Bounds. And this Street being so great a Thoroughfare, is a Place of some Trade, and well inhabited.

Duke street.

Weld street, the old and the new; the Old is a good open Street, with several well built Houses, and fronteth Queen street. And in this Street there are several Courts on the West side, which give Passage into Drury Lane, viz. Colsons Court, Holford Alley, Cockpit Alley; Golden Ball Court; Weld Passage, and Princes Court, all small, with narrow Passages, and not over well Inhabited; except some of them noted for the Reception of the kinder Sort of Females. Then on the East side is a new Court with good Houses now in building, on the Ground where Weld House stood, and to be called Weld Court. Then on the same side is new

Old Weldstreet.

Colsons Court.

Holford Alley.

Cockpit Alley.

Golden Ball Court.

Weld Passage.

Princes Court.

Weld Court.

Weld street,