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Bridge Ward without. Bermondsey Benefactions. 26

Bridge Ward without. Bermondsey Benefactions.
South Ile.

William Castel, Shipwright at Redriff, Justice of Peace, Major of the Militia of Surrey. A Man most excellent in his Art. 1681.

Margaret Castel, Wife of William Castel, Shipwright, 1635. And Margaret, Daughter of William Castel. 1640.

Also William Castel, Shipwright. 1649.

Edward Walduck, Citizen and Cooper of London. 1691.

Humfrey Seile. 1686.

Peter Theobalds of this Parish: who had to Wife Mary, Daughter of John Terry, Alderman of the City of Canterbury. 1650.

Susanna Collins, Wife of Philip Collins. 1673.

Captain Richard York, with his nine Children.

John Cheeseman, Gent. 1665. And Margaret his Granddaughter, 1663. And Margaret his Wife, Wife. 1681.

North Ile.

Elizabeth Hickman dying in Childbed. 1672.

Joseph Hickman, 1686. And Elizabeth his Wife, 1688.

Peter Bousinie, 1696. And Andrew Bousine his Son, 1690. And Benjamin Bousine: and Anne his 1696.

There is a Table of Gifts hanging up in this Church, in the cross Ile, South, viz.

1563.Imprimis, Owen Clunn, of London, Draper, by
his last Will, dated Aug. 22. 1563. gave all
his House and Garden in Five Foot Lane, in
this Parish, and the Issues and Profits there-
of yearly; to be given to the Poor People of
this Parish.
1578.Hugh Fuller, of London, Draper, by his last
Will, dated Octob. 14. 1578. gave yearly 52s.
issuing out of his Lands and Tenements in
this Parish, for 12d. per Week in Bread,
1597.William Gardiner, Esq; by his last Will, bear-
ing date the first of Septemb. 39 Elizab. gave
10l. yearly; going out of the Lands and Te-
nements on the Causeway in this Parish, to
be distributed amongst the Poor in most need.
1606.Steven Skidmore, Citizen and Vintner of Lon-
don, gave 20s. yearly for ever, to be distri-
buted to the Poor of the Parish in Fuel,
from the Year 1606.
1607.Raphe Prat, Esq; by his last Will, dated 19.
Sept. 1607. gave four Mark per Ann. to be paid
by equal Portions on S. Andrew's Day, and
the Anunciation of the Virgin Mary, to be
distributed among the Poor of the Parish.
1609.Francis Tirrel of London, Grocer, by his last
Will, date Aug. 30. 1609. gave six Chaldron
of Coals, by the Company of Grocers, to be
distributed among the Poor of the Parish at
  Item, Two Houses in Marigold Alley, first
given by Lucia Easton, and now confirmed by
Tho. Miller of this Parish.
  Henry Leakes Gift by the Parishioners of
S. Olaves.
  Mr. Archden's Gift of 40l. for ever. The
Profits whereof to be given by 12d. per Week
in Bread to the Poor.


The Table goes no farther; but no question there have been divers Charitable Gifts since.]

Then in Kent Street is a Lazar-house for Leprous People, called the Loke in Southwark; the Foun- dation whereof I find not. Now having touched divers principal Parts of this Borough, I am to speak somewhat of Government, and so to end.

The Loke a Lazar-house in Kent Street.

This Borough, upon Petition made by the Citizens of London, to Edward I. in the first Year of his Reign, was, for divers Causes, by Parliament, granted to them for ever; yielding into the Exchequer the Fee Farm of Ten Pounds by the Year. Which Grant was confirmed by Edward III. who, in the third of his Reign, gave them License to take a Toll towards the Charge of paving the said Borough with Stone. Henry IV. confirmed the Grant of his Predecessors. So did Edward IV. &c.

Liberties of Southwark farmed by the Citizens.

All contained in these two Paragraphs following are in the first Edition, but left out in after Editions.

But in the Year 1550. King Edward VI. for the Sum of 647l. 2s. 1d. paid into his Court of Augmentations, and Revenues of his Crown, granted to the Maior and Commonalty, all his Lands and Tenements in Southwark, except and reserved the Capital Messuage, two Mansions, called Southwark Place, late the Duke of Suffolk's, and all the Gardens and Lands to the same appertaining: the Park and the Messuage called, The Antelope. Moreover, he gave them the Lordship and Manour of Southwark, with all Members and Rights thereof, late pertaining to the Monastery of Bermondsey. And all Messuages Places, Buildings, Rents, Courts, Waifs, and Strays to the same appertaining, in the County of Surrey, except as is before excepted. He also granted unto them his Manour and Borough of Southwark, with all the Members, Rights, and Appurtenances, late the Possession of the Archbishop of Canterbury and his See, in Southwark. Moreover, for the Sum of 500 Marks, he granted to the said Maior and Commonalty, and their Successors, in and through the Borough and Town of Southwark, and in all the Parishes of S. Saviour, S. Olave, and S. George, and the Parish of St. Thomas Hospital, now called the Kings Hospital, and elsewhere in the said Town and Borough of Southwark, and Kentish Street, Bermondsey Street, in the Parish of Newington, All Waifs and Strays, Treasure-trove, All Felons Goods, &c. within the Parishes and Precinct aforesaid, &c. the Return of Writs, Processes, and Warrants, &c. Together with a Fair in the whole Town, for three Days, to wit, the th, 8th, and 9th of September, yearly, with a Court of Pye- Powder; a View of Frankpledge, with Attachements, Arrests, &c. Also, To arrest all Felons, and other Malefactors within their Precinct, and to send them to Ward, and to Newgate. Provided, That nothing in that Grant should be prejudicial to the Steward and Marshal of the King's House. The same Premises to be holden as of the Manour of East Greenwich in the County of Kent, by Fealty in Free-Socage. Dated at Westminster the 23 Day of April, in the fourth of his Reign. All which was also confirmed by Parliament, &c. And the same Year, in the Whitsun-Week, in a Court of Aldermen kept at the Guildhal of London, Sir John Aylophe, Kt. was sworn the first Alderman of the Bridge Ward without, and made up the number of twenty six Aldermen of London; as hath been set down more at large before.

Liberties of Southwark purchased of King Edw. VI.

The Lordship and Manour of Southwark pertaining to Bermondsey.

The King's Manour pertaining to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

All Waifs and Strays there, granted also.

The Fair in Southwark like Bartholomew Fair.

This Borough at a Subsidy to the King, yieldeth about a thousand Marks, or eight hundred Pounds, which is more than any one City in England payeth, except the City of London. And also the Muster of Men in this Borough doth likewise, in number, surpass all other Cities, except London. And thus much for the Borough of Southwark, one of the twenty six Wards of London, which hath an Alderman, Deputies three, and a Bailiff: Common Council none: Constables sixteen: Scavengers six: Wardmote Inquest twenty. And is taxed to the Fifteen, at seventeen Pounds seventeen Shillings and eight Pence.


And Muster of Men in Southwark.

The Alderman of this Ward is Sir George Martins, Kt.


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