Borough of Southwark. S. Mary Magdalens Parish. 25

Borough of Southwark. S. Mary Magdalens Parish.

led the Maze: There is now an Inn called the Flower de Luce, for that the Sign is Three Flower de Luces. Much other Buildings of small Tenements are thereon builded, replenished with Strangers and other, for the most part, poor People.

Then is Battail Bridge, so called of Battail Abbey, for that it standeth on the Ground, and over a Water-course (flowing out of Thames) pertaining to that Abbey, and was therefore both builded and repaired by the Abbots of that House, as being hard adjoining to the Abbots Lodging.

Battail Bridge.

The Ancient Abbey of St. SAVIOURS BERMONDSEY.


Beyond this Bridge is Bermondsey Street, turning South, in the South end whereof was sometime a Priory or Abbey of St. Saviour, called Bermonds Eye in Southwark, founded by Alwin Childe, a Citizen of London, in the Year 1081.

Bermondsey Street.

Founder of the Abbey of Charity.

Peter, Richard, Obstert, and Umbalde, Monks de Charitate, came to Bermondsey, the Year 1089. and Peter was made first Prior there, by appointment of the Prior of the House called Charitie in France: By which means this Priory of Bermondsey (being a Cell to that in France) was accounted a Priory of Aliens.

In the Year 1094 deceased Alwin Child, Founder of this House: Then William Rufus gave to the Monks his Manour of Bermondsey, with the Appurtenances, and builded for them there a new great Church.

And Endowments.

Robert Blewit, Bishop of Lincoln, (King Williams Chancellor) gave them the Manour of Charlton, with the Appurtenances. Also Geffrey Martel, by the Grant of Geffrey Magnaville, gave them the Land of Halingbury, and the Tithe of Alferton, &c.

More in the Year 1122, Thomas of Arderne, and Thomas his Son, gave to the Monks of Bermonds Eye, the Church of St. George in Southwark, &c.

In the Year 1165, King Henry the Second confirmed to them the Hide or Territory of Southwark, and Laygham Wadden, with the Land of Coleman, &c.

Hide of Southwark to the Monks of Bermondsey.

In the Year 1371, the Priories of Aliens (throughout England) being seized into the King's hands, Richard Denton, an Englishman, was made Prior of Bermondsey: To whom was committed the custody of the said Priory, by the Letters Patents of King Edward the Third, saving to the King the Advowsons of Churches.

In the Year 1380, the fourth of Richard the Second, this Priory was made a Denizon (or free English) for the Fine of two hundred Marks paid to the King's Hanaper in the Chancery. In the Year 1399, John Attelborough, Prior of Bermondsey, was made the first Abbot of that House, by Pope Boniface the Ninth, at the Suit of King Richard the Second.

In the Year 1417. Thomas Thetford, Abbot of Bermondsey, held a Plea in Chancery against the King, for the Manours of Preston, Bermondsey, and Stone, in the County of Somerset; in the which Suit the Abbot prevailed, and recovered against the King.

Abbot of Bermondsey held a Plea against the King and prevailed.

In the Year 1539, this Abbey was valued to dispend by the Year 474l. 14s. 4d. ob. and was surrendred to Henry the Eighth, the 31. of his Reign. The Abbey Church was then pulled down by Sir Thomas Pope, Kt. and in place thereof a goodly House builded of Stone and Timber, since pertaining to the Earls of Sussex.

There are buried in that Church, Loufstane Provost, Shrive or Domesman of London, 1115.


Sir William Bowes, Knight, and Dame Elizabeth his Wife.

Sir Thomas Pikeworth, Kt.

Dame Anne Audley This Lady [whose Name was not Anne but Aime] bequeathed her Body to be laid in this Monastery, by her Will dated in Nov. 1497. and would have a Priest to pray for the Souls of John late Lord Audley her Husband, and James later Lord Audley her Son, and John Rogers, late her Husband.]

J. S.

George, Son to John, Lord Audley.

John Winkefield, Esq;

Sir Nicholas Blonket, Kt.

Dame Bridget, Wife to William Trussel.

Holgrave, Baron of the Exchequer, &c.

Margaret de la Pole seems to be buried here; for by her Will (made 12 Edward IV. and proved 1473.) she bequeathed her body to be laid in the Monastery of St. Saviours Bermondsey, in the Chapel called The Virgin Chapel, on the left hand of the Altar, making Sir John Heveningham, Kt. her Executor.]

J. S.

The Parish Church of St. MARY MAGDALEN Bermondsey.


Next unto this Abbey Church standeth a proper Church of St. Mary Magdalen, builded by the Priors of Bermondsey, serving for resort of the Inhabitants (Tenants to the Prior or Abbot near adjoining) there to have their Divine Service. This Church remaineth and serveth as afore, and is called a Parish Church.

St. Mary Magdalen.

This Church was enlarged by the Addition of all that Ground that is now the South Ile, taken out of their spacious Churchyard. This Ile was begun to be built in the Year of our Lord God 1608.

Additions and Reparations.


Christopher Robinson,
Thomas Freeman

The Work going on and continuing to the Year 1610. in which it was very worthily and compleatly finished. The Charge of it amounting to 860l.

In the Year 1619. on the top of the Steeple was a very fair Turret erected; the Charge of it 33l. 16s. In the same Year a new Clock was made, which cost 7l.

The Steeple was again repaired, and the Inside of the Church trimmed and very commendably beautified, in the Year 1621. and at the sole Cost of the Parishioners.

A very fair Brass Branch, in this Church was the Gift of Ralph Alder of this Parish. 1613.]

This Church is new built, very fair and decent; furnished with a large pair of Organs. The Table stands East and West, and not close to the East Wall.

New built.

J. S.

These are the MONUMENTS in this Church; there being no Remainders of old ones.

Under the Communion Table.

Two flat Marble Stones: one for William Williams, who had to Wife Susanna, Daughter of Thomas Goble: Deceased 1661. And Susanna his Wife. 1664.


Another Stone there thus inscribed:

Where once the famous Elton did intrust
The preservation of his sacred Dust,
Lies pious Whitaker: Both justly twin'd,
Both dead, one Grave, both living had one Mind:
And by their Dissolution have supply'd
The hungry Grave, and Fame, and Heaven beside.
This Stone protects their Bones, while Fame
Enrols their Deathless Names.

The said Whitaker departed 1654. He and the said Elton were sometime Ministers of this Church.