Bridge Ward without. St. Mary Overy. 16

Bridge Ward without. St. Mary Overy.

 John Hayman gave a Stock for Coals of 5000
1630John Cook gave 1000
 The King gave for a Stock 10000
 Richard Wright gave for a Stock 10000
1653Ralph Handson gave to the Master of the
Free School, per ann.
 And to the Usher, per ann.0100
 And to the Poor, per ann. 500
 Grace Richardson gave for a Stock of Coals 2000
1659John Marshal gave 50l. to build an House,
to raise for the Poor, per ann.
1618Mr. Lenthal gave 200
1621Mr. Drawewater gave 200
1625Mrs. West, Widow. 500
1625Mr. Pain.400
 Godfrey Hayes gave for divers Years 3 68
1627Henry Leake, Esq; per ann. 568

And several other Persons gave Sums of Money, but no Annuities. This Table reaches no farther than the Year 1659. But there is a new Table of Benefactors intended.

Concerning the State of this Parish of Saint Saviours, or St. Mary Overies, King James I. by Letters Patents bearing date the 12. of April in the ninth Year of his Reign, granted the Rectory and Parsonage Impropriate thereof to certain Persons and their Heirs in Trust for Wardens of the Parish Church, and their Successors. Enjoyning them out of the Revenue thereof to find and maintain two preaching Chaplains, and a Schoolmaster and Usher for the Free Grammar School, and to repair the Parish Church: and to pay the Chaplains threescore Pounds per Annum, and the Schoolmaster and Usher 30l. per Annum.

Maintenance of Chaplains, of a School, and Reparations of the Church of St. Saviours.

J. S.

Dr. Barton.

But of late, in the Reign of King Charles II. the said Parish obtained an Act of Parliament for the better establishing and constituting the Affairs of their Church and Parish. The Reason whereof the Preamble of the said Act sets forth, viz. That the said Parish Church was very great and spatious, and so very chargeable to be maintained in due Reparations; and the Revenues of the Rectory not amounting to above 100l. per ann. communibus annis, would not extend to repair the said Church, and to allow any reasonable Maintenance to the said Chaplains. By this Act the Parishioners of St. Saviours Southwark, all the Inhabitants. and all the Messuages, Lands and Tenements therein, were for ever exonerated, acquitted, and discharged of and from all Tithes and Tenths belonging to the said Rectory and Parsonage Impropriate, and the Messuage and Lands, &c. for ever holden and enioyed Tithefree, and from all Sum and Sums of Money payable for and in lieu of Tithes. And in consideration thereof, it shall and may be lawful for the Churchwardens for the time being, and Overseers of the Poor, or the greater number of them, giving notice unto, or calling together six or more of such Inhabitants as have within the space of seven Years then last past born the like Office therein, to assemble themselves yearly in the Vestry House, upon every Tuesday and Wednesday in Easter Week; and they, or the greater number of them, shall yearly for ever then, or within fifteen Days after, make and settle a Tax, Rate, or Assessment, not exceeding (above the reasonable Charges for collecting the same) the Sum of three hundred and fifty Pounds in any one Year, to be imposed or set upon all the Parishioners, and upon all the Possessors and Occupiers of all Houses, Lands and Tenements erected, or to be erected or built in the Parish. Which Tax, or Rate, to be made by an equal Pound Rate, according to the yearly Value of all such Houses, Lands, &c. and to be paid Quarterly, by equal Portions, upon demand made thereof by the said Wardens, or any Person or Persons appointed under their Hands and Seals, to gather and collect the same. And in case of Refusal or Neglect to pay such Rate wherewith he, or she, or they shall be charged, the same by Warrant of any two next Justices of Peace; to be levied by Distress and Sale of the Offenders Goods, and for wtnt of Distress, by Imprisonment of the Offender, until payment. And if any Person or Persons find themselves aggrieved at the Rate on them imposed, and shall within six Days after Demand, complain unto any two of the next Justices for the County of Surrey, the said Justices shall have Power, within eight Days after the Complaint, to relieve them; and to charge the same on such other Person or Persons as they shall see cause. And in case any shall be rated not being of Ability to pay; or upon empty Houses, or void Piece of Land, or other Place where the same cannot be collected, then the same Persons who made the Rate or Assessment, or the major part of them living within the said Parish, are authorized and required, at the next meeting, by way of surcharge, to assess, or reassess all and every such Sums of Money upon the said Parish, as to them shall seem just to be levied and recovered, as aforesaid.

Established by an Act of Parliament.

And the said Wardens of the said Parish Church of St. Saviours, shall by equal quarterly Payments pay yearly for ever unto each of the two Chaplains thereof, the yearly Sum of One hundred Pounds; and unto the Schoolmaster Twenty Pounds, and to the Usher Ten Pounds.

All the residue of the Monies to be raised as aforesaid, from time to time, to be applied and disposed of, for and towards the Repair of the said Parish Church, and other Matters concerning the Administration of the same Church Affairs, in such manner as the said Wardens for the time being shall conceive meet.

The said Wardens yearly to give account to two Justices of the Peace, or more, at the same time that the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor shall give up their Accoounts, to the same Ends, and under the same Penalties imposed by an Act of Parliament made in the 43 of Queen Elizabeth, Chap. 2.]

Now passing through St. Mary Overies Close (in possession of the Lord Mountacute) and Pepper Alley, into Long Southwark, on the right hand thereof, the Market Hill, where the Leather is sold, there stood the late named Parish Church of St. Margaret, given to St. Mary Overies by Henry the First: put down and joined with the Parish Church of St. Mary Magdalen, and united to the late dissolved Priory Church of St. Mary Overy.

St. Mary Overies Close.

Pepper Alley.

St. Margaret on the Hill, made a Court of Justice.

A part of this Parish Church of St. Margaret is now a Court, wherein the Assizes and Sessions be kept, and the Court of Admiralty is also there kept. One other part of the same Church is now a Prison, called the Compter in Southwark, &c.

Court of Admiralty.

Compter in Southwark.

Farther up on that side, almost directly over against St. George's Church, was sometime a large and most sumptuous House, builded by Charles Brandon, late Duke of Suffolk, in the Reign of Henry the Eighth, which was called Suffolk house; but coming afterwards into the King's hands, the same was called Southwark Place, and a Mint of Coinage was there kept for the King.

Suffolk House.

Southwark Place.

Mint in Southwark.

[This House was also called, while it was in the Dukes Possession, The Dukes Place. Which Place he exchanged with the said King Henry VIII. And the King in exchange gave him the Bishop of Norwich's Place in St. Martins in the Fields. And this Exchange was enacted 28 H. VIII.]

Called also Dukes Place.

J. S.