[The Priory Church.] Faringdon Ward without. [Monuments.]236

[The Priory Church.] Faringdon Ward without. [Monuments.]

"Days; viz. On the Eve, on the Day, and on the Morrow of St. Batholomew the Apostle; with all Liberties and free Customs, belonging to the Fair; a Contention hath arisen between the said Prior, and you the said Custos, who sue for Us, concerning the Use of the Liberties of the said Fair, and the free Customs belonging to it. And hindrance being made to the said Prior, by you, the said Custos, as the same Prior asserteth; to wit, concerning a Moyety of the said Eve, and of the whole Morrow, beforesaid. Concerning which, We will, as well for Us, as for the foresaid Prior, that Justice be done as it is fit, before our Treasurer and Barons of the Exchequer, from the Day of St. Mechael next, for one Month. We command you, that sufficient Security be taken of the said Prior, of restoring to Us the said Day, the Issues of the foresaid Fair, coming from the Moyety of the foresaid Eve, and of the whole Morrow, if the said Prior cannot then shew something for himself, why the said Issues ought not to belong to Us. We command you, that ye permit the same Prior, in the mean time, to receive the foresaid Issues, in Form aforesaid. And you may have there this Brief. Witness my Self at Dunelm, the 9th day of August, in the 20th of our Reign.]"



The Monuments of the Dead in this Priory, are these.

The Founder's Monument.

Of RAHERE, the first Founder. [In the North side of the Chancel is his Monument, with his Effigies; both which are lately, in a Reparation of that Church, refreshed and beautified. He lies along upon a raised Tomb, well Arched and Canopied; all in his black Habit, bare Head, shaven Crown, with his Hands together. On each side of him, two Friers in grey Habit, or Chauntry Priests, holding two large Books; somewhat in a bowing Posture, as praying for his Soul. At his Feet an Angel looking towards him, crowned, holding his Shield, Gules, two Lions passant gardant, Or. In Chief, two Ducal Crowns of the same. The Inscription upon the Edge of the Stone he lies upon, is, Hic jacet RAHERUS, primus Canonicus, & primus Prior hujus Ecclesiæ.]

J. S.

Roger Walden, Bishop of London, 1406.
John Warton, Gent. and Elizabeth his Wife, Daughter to William Scot, Esq.
John Louth, Gent.
Robert Shikeld *, Gent.
Sir Bacon, Kt.
John Ludlow *, and Alice his Wife.
W. Thirlewall, Esq.
Richard Lancaster, Herald at Arms.
Thomas Torald *.
John Royston.
John Watford.
John Carleton.
Robert, Son to Sir Robert Willouwby *.
Gilbert Halstocke *.
Eleanor, Wife to Sir Hugh Fen, Mother to Margaret, Lady Burgaveny *.
William Essex, Esq.
Rich. de Vancke, Baron of the Exchequer, and Margaret his Wife, Daughter to William de la Rivar *.
John Winderhall.
John Duram *, Esq; and Elizabeth his Wife.
John Malwaine.
Alice, Wife to Balstred †, Daughter to Kniffe *.
William Scarlet, Esq.
John Goulding, Esq; and Alice his Wife.
Hugh Walter, Gent. And the late [Wise and Worthy] Sir Walter Mildmay, Kt. Chancellor of the Exchequer, &c.

Monuments of the Dead.











[Add Jone, Daughter of Rich. Slade, Gent. Jone, Daughter of William Smith, Esq. Agnes, Wife of Edward Hungerford, Esq. Alice, Daughter to John Trussel, Gent. Fylone Graye. Elizabeth, Wife to John Gynor, Gent. Hugh Williams. Dame Elizabeth, Wife of Sir William Elington.]
Vana salus Hominis.

J. S.

Memor esto, quoniam mors non tardat, & testamentum inferorum, quia demonstratum est tibi: Testamentum enim hujus mundi, Morte morieris.

A comely Monument in the East end of the Chancel.

A. M.

Omnia suo proveniunt tempore, atq; transeunt. Ante mortem, ne laudes hominem quenquam, quoniam in filiis suis agnoscitur vir.

Percivalus Smalpace, Armiger, obiit secundo die Februarii, An. Dom. 1568. R. Elizabetha regnante. Cujus quidem corpus juxta hunc Tumulum humatum existit. Agnes uxor ejus, & filia Joannis Tebowld, Armigeri, obiit 3. die Septemb. An. Dom. 1588. R. Elizabetha regnante.

Liberi inter eos Michael & Thomas, adhuc viventes, qui in religiosa memoria optimorum parentum, hoc monumentum posuerunt.

Behold your Selves by Us,     
such once were We as You,
And You in time shall be     
even Dust as We are now.
Mors nobis lucrum.

Hic jacet Gualterus Mildmay, Miles, & Maria uxor ejus. Ipse obiit ultimo die Maii, 1589. Ipsa 16 die Martii, 1576. Reliquerunt duos filios, & tres filias. Fundavit Collegium Emanuelis Cantabrigiæ. Moritur Cancellarius & Sub-thesaurarius Scaccarii, & Regiæ Majestati à Consiliis.

A very fair Tomb in the Chancel.

A Monument in the North Ile, in the Chancel, with this Inscription.

Sacred to the Memory of that Worthy and Learned Francis Anthony, Doctor of Physick.

There needs no Verse     
to beautifye thy Praise,
Or keep in memory     
thy spotless Name,
Religion, Vertue,     
and thy Skill, did raise
a threefold Pillar     
to thy lasting Fame.
Though poysonous Envy     
ever sought to blame,
Or hide the Fruits     
of thy Intention;
Yet shall all they     
commend that high Designe,
Of purest Gold     
to make a Medecine,
That feele thy helpe     
by that thy rare Invention.

He died the 26th of May, 1623. his Age 74.

His loving Sonne, John Anthony, Doctor in Physicke, left this Remembrance of his Sorrow.