[Bounds.] Aldersgate Ward.95

[Bounds.] Aldersgate Ward.

ALDERSGATE WARD. The Bounds within and without. St. Mary Staining. St. John Zachary. Goldsmiths Hall. Principal Goldsmiths. St. Olaves in Silverstreet. St. Leonard Foster Lane. St. Anne in the Willows. St. Martins le Grand. St. Buttolph Aldersgate. The present State of this Ward.

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Aldersgate Ward and St. Martins le Grand Liberty.
  Aldersgate Ward and St. Martins le Grand Liberty. ]

THE next is Aldersgate Ward, taking Name of that North Gate of the City: This Ward also consisteth of divers Streets and Lanes, lying as well within the Gate and Wall, as without: And first, to speak of that part within the Gate, thus it is. The East part thereof joineth unto the West part of Cripplegate Ward, in Engain lane or Maiden lane. It beginneth on the North side of that Lane, at Staining lane end; and runneth up that Lane, from the Haberdashers Hall, to St. Mary Staining Church: And by the Church, East, winding almost to Woodstreet. And West, through Oat lane; and then by the South side of Bacon House to Noble street; and back again by Lilypot lane, (which is also of that Ward) to Maiden lane; and so on that North side, West to St. John Zacharies Church, and to Foster lane.

Aldersgate Ward.

The Bounds thereof within.

Oate lane.

Noble street.

Now on the South side of Engain or Maiden lane, is the West side of Gutheruns lane, to Kery lane; and Kery lane it self (which is of this Ward) and back again into Engaine lane, by the North side of the Goldsmiths Hall, to Foster lane. And this is the East Wing of this Ward. Then is Foster lane, almost wholly in this Ward: And beginneth in the South toward Cheape, on the East side, by the North side of St. Fosters Church; and runneth down Northwest by the West end of Engain lane, by Lilypot lane, and Oat lane, to Noble street; and through that, by Shelly House, (of old time so called, as belonging to the Shellies.) For Sir Thomas Shelley, Kt. was Owner thereof in the 1st of Henry IV. It is now called Bacon House, because the same was new builded by Sir Nicholas Bacon, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal. Down on that side, by the Lane by Serjeant Fleetwood's House, Recorder of London, (who also new builded it) to St. Olaves Church in Silver street; which is by the North-west end of this Noble street.

Shelley's House, now Bacon House.

Recorder Fleetwood's House.

Then again in Easter lane, this Ward beginneth on the West side thereof, over against the South-west corner of St. Fosters Church; and runneth down by St. Leonards Church, by Pope lane end, and by St. Annes lane end; which Lane is also of this Ward, North to the Stone Wall, by the Wall of the City, over against Bacon House, which is also of this Ward. Which Stone Wall, and so down North to Cripplegate, on that side, is of Faringdon Ward.

Then have ye the main Street of this Ward, which is called St. Martins lane; which includeth St. Martins on the East side thereof, and so down on both sides to Aldersgate. And these be the Bounds of this Ward within the Wall and Gate.

St Martins lane.

Now, before we speak of that part of the Wall without, let us say something of the Gate itself. Aldersgate, being very old, ruinous, and in danger of some further Decay, the Lord Maior and his Brethren, with the Advice of the Commoners, determined to have it taken down, and build it again in beautiful manner. For the more hastening of which Intention, a worthy Citizen, Master William Parker, (of whose Christian and Liberal Charities, we have in brief manner spoken before) out of his own bountiful Disposition, gave the Sum of 3000l. toward the furtherance of so good a Work, in new re-edifying and building the Gate; requiring and appointing (by his Will) that it should be new builded within the space of three Years after his decease. And the Money to be paid (by his Executor) to the Lord Maior of London, and the Aldermen his Brethren, (for the time being) for the said use of new building the same Gate, in manner and form following.

The Gate it self.

A. M.

Mr. William Parker Citizen and Merchant Taylor of London, gave 3000l. towards the new building of Aldersgate.

That is to say, 200l. thereof, at the taking down of the first Tile. Other 200l. thereof, at the laying of the first Stone; which was laid by the Right Worshipful Sir William Cravon, Kt. and Alderman of the City of London, on Monday the 26th day of May, 1617. Other 200l. thereof, when the new Building should be a Yard in height above the Ground. Other 200l. thereof, when the new Building should be arched over the Gate. And the other 200l. in full payment, when the said Building should be fully finished. Master Richard Foxe, Citizen and Clothworker of London, a most painful and industrious Gentleman, having the Oversight, Direction, and Ordering of the said Building.]

The manner and form of paying the said Money.

The first Tile was taken down the last day of March, 1617.

Without the Gate, the main Street, called Aldersgate street, runneth up North, on the East side, to the West end of Hounsditch, or Barbican street: A part of which Street is also of this Ward. And on the West side to Long lane, a part whereof is likewise of this Ward. Beyond the which Aldersgate, is Gosewel Street, up to the Bars.

Aldersgate Ward without.

Gosewell street.

And on this West side of Aldersgate street, by St. Buttolphs Church, is Briton street; which runneth West to a Pump, and then North to the Gate, which entreth the Churchyard, sometime pertaining to the Priory of St. Bartholomew, on the East side. And on the West side, towards St. Bartholomew's Spittle, to a pair of Posts there fixed. And these be the Bounds of Aldersgate Ward without.

Briton street

The Antiquities be these: First, in Staining lane, of old time so called, as may be supposed, of Painterstainers dwelling there.


Staining lane.

On the East side thereof, adjoining to the Haberdashers Hall, be Ten Almshouses, prrtaining to the Haberdashers; wherein be placed Ten Alms People of that Company; every of them having 8d. the piece, every Friday, for ever. By the Gift of Thomas Huntlow, Haberdasher; one of the Sheriffs in the Year 1539.

Almshouses there.