[The Jewry.] Coleman street Ward. [Jews.] 54

[The Jewry.] Coleman street Ward. [Jews.]

This House standeth, and is of two Parishes, as opening into Lothbury, of St. Margarets Parish; and opening into the Old Jewry, of St. Olaves Parish. The said Robert Large gave liberally to both these Parishes, but was buried at St. Olaves.

Hugh Clopton, Mercer, Maior, 1492. dwelled in this House, and kept his Maioralty there. It is now a Tavern, and hath to sign a Wind-mill.

The Windmill Tavern in the Old Jury.

And thus much for this House, sometime the Jews Synagogue; since, an House of Friers, then a Noble-man's House, after that, a Merchant's House, wherein Maioralties have been kept, and now a Wine-Tavern.

Then is the Old Jury, a Street so called of Jews sometime dwelling there, and near adjoyning, in the Parishes of St. Olave, St. Michael Bassings Hall, St. Martin Ironmonger lane, St. Laurence, called the Jewry, and so West to Woodstreet. William Duke of Normandy, first brought them from Roan to inhabit here.

The Old Jury.

The Jews brought from Roan by William Duke of Normandy.

William Rufus favoured them so far, that he sware by Luke's Face, his common Oath, of they could overcome the Christians, he would be one of their Sect.

W. Rufus favoured them.

Henry the II. grievously punished them for corrupting his Coin.

Hen the 2d punished them.

Richard the I. forbade Jews and Women to be present at his Coronation, for fear of Inchantments: For breaking of which Commandment, many Jews were slain. Who being assembled to present the King with some Gift, one of them was stricken by a Christian; which some unruly People perceiving, fell upon them, beat them to their Houses, and brent them therein, or slew them at their coming out.

Rich. the 1st forbade them to come to his Coronation.

Also the Jews at Norwich, St. Edmondsbury, Lincoln, Stamford, and Lyn, were robbed and spoiled; and at York, to the number of 500. besides Women and Children, entred a Tower of the Castle, proffered Money to be in surety of their Lives, but the Christians would not take it: Whereupon they cut the Throats of their own Wives and Children, and cast them over the Walls on the Christians Heads; and then entring the King's Lodging, they burned both the House and themselves.

The Jews destroy themselves.

King John, in the 11th of his Reign, commanded all the Jews, both Men and Women, to be imprisoned and grievously punished, because he would have all their Money. Some of them gave all they had, and promised more, to escape so many kinds of Torments; for every one of them had one of their Eyes at the least, plucked out. Amongst whom there was one, which being tormented many ways, would not ransom himself, till the King had caused (every day) one his great Teeth to be plucked out, by the space of seven Days; and then he gave the King Ten Thousand Marks of Silver, to the end they should pull out no more. The said King, at that time, spoiled the Jews of Sixty six Thousand Marks.

King John tormented the Jews.

The 17th of this King, the Barons brake into the Jews Houses, rifled their Coffers, and with the Stone of their Houses, repaired the Gates and Walls of London.

The Barons rifled the Jews.

King Henry the Third, in the Eleventh of his Reign, granted to Semaine or Ballaster, the House of Benomye Mittun the Jew, in the Parish of St. Michael Bassinghaughe, in which the said Benomye dwelt; with the fourth part of all his Land in that Parish, which William Elie held of the Fee of Hugh Nevell; and all the Land in Colemn street, belonging to the said Benomye; and the fourth part of the Land in the Parish of St. Lawrence, which was the Fee of Thomas Buckerell, and were escheted to the King, for the Murther which the said Benomye committed in the City of London; to hold to the said Semaine, and his Heirs, of the King, paying at Easter a pair of gilt Spurs, and to do the Service thereof due unto the Lords Court.

King Hen 3 escheted the Lands of Benomy Mittun, a J w.

Charta 11. of Hen. 3.

In like manner, and for like Services, the King granted to Guso, for his homage, the other part of the Lands of the said Benomye in St. Michaels Parish; which Law the Painter held, and was the Kings Exchete; and the Lands of the said Benomye, in the said Parish, which Walter Turner held, and fifteen Foot of Land, which Hugh Harman held, with fifteen Iron Ells of Land, and an half, in the front of Ironmonger lane, in the Parish of St. Martin; which were the said Benomyes, of the Fee of the Hospital of St. Giles; and which Adam the Smith held, with two Stone Houses, which were Moses the Jew of Canterbury, in the Parish of St. Olave; and which are of the Fee of Arnold le Reus, and are the Kings Exchetes, as aforesaid.

The 16th of the said Henry, the Jews in London builded a Synagogue; but the King commanded it should be didicated to our blessed Lady. And after gave it to the Brethren of St. Anthonie of Vienna; and so was it called St. Anthony's Hospital.

The Jews builded them a Synagogue in London.

This King Henry founded a Church and House for converted Jews, in a new Street by the Temple; whereby it came to pass, that (in short time) there was gathered a great number of Converts.

Hen. the 3d founded an House for converted Jews.

The 20th of this king Henry, Seven Jews were brought from Norwich, which had stolen a christned Child; had circumcised, and minded to have crucified him at Easter. Wherefore their Bodies and Goods were at the King's pleasure. The 26th, the Jews were constrained to pay to the King 20000 Marks, at two terms in the Year, or else to be kept in perpetual Prison.

Jews steal a Child, and circumcised him, and minded to have crucified him.

The 35th, he taketh inestimable Sums of all rich Men; namely, of Aaron, a Jew born at York, 14000 Marks for himself, and 10000 Marks for the Queen. And before, he had taken of the same Jew, as much, as in all amounting to 30000 Marks of Silver, and 200 Marks of Gold to the Queen.

Hen. 3. exacteth Money of the Jews.

In the 40th Year were brought up to Westminster 202 Jews, from Lincoln, for crucifying a Child, named Hugh; Eighteen of them were hanged.

Jews hanged for crucifying of a Child.

The 43d. a Jew at Tewksbury fell into a Privy on the Saturday, and would not that day be taken out, for reverence of his Sabbath: Wherefore Richard Clare, Earl of Gloucester, kept him there till Monday, that he was dead.

The 47th, the Barons slew of the Jews, at London, 700. The rest were spoiled, and their Synagogue defaced, because one Jew would have forced a Christian to have paid more than 2s. for the lone of 20s. a Week.

700 Jews slain at London.

The 3d of Edward the Ist, in a Parliament at London, Usury was forbidden to the Jews: And that all Usurers might be known, the King commanded that every Usurer should wear a Table of his Breast, the breadth of a Paveline, or else to avoid the Realm.

Usury forbidden.

The 6th of the said King Edward, a Reformation was made for clipping of the King's Coin; for which Offence, 267 Jews were drawn and hanged: Three were English Christians, the other were English Jews.

267 Jews hanged.