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Downgate Ward. Modern State thereof. 208

Downgate Ward. Modern State thereof.

as being a noted landing Place, and very commodious, as having so good a Pair of Stairs, being a Place pretty well built and inhabited: The East side of this Lane is in Bridge Ward within.

On the North side of Thames street, are these Places. viz. S. Laurence Poultney Lane, comes out of Cannon street, and falls down into Thames street, a Place well built and inhabited by Merchants and other Traders. Of this Lane see more in Candlewick Ward.

Laurence Poultney Lane.

Duxford Lane comes out of S. Laurence Poultneys Hill, and falls into Thames street, a Place of no great Account.

Duxford Lane.

Suffolk Lane, also goes out of Thames street, and with a turning Passage by Cross Lane, which is but ordinary, comes into Green Lettice Lane, which is in Candlewick Ward, and so into Cannon street.

Suffolk Lane.

Cross Lane.

In this Suffolk Lane is Merchant Taylors School, a large good Building, and of great Note and Repute. It was burnt down by the Great Fire, and rebuilt by the Company.

Merchant Taylors School.

Great Bush Lane comes out of Cannon street and falls into Thames street, but the Part in this Ward, goeth no farther than Scotch Yard, which is a good large open Place well inhabited. This Lane is but narrow, but well inhabited by Merchants and Persons of Repute. Out of this Lane on the said side, is Chequer Yard, which hath a Passage into Dowgate Hill, and is a pretty good open Place, in which is seated Plumbers Hall, a good handsome Building. Likewise on the South side is a Passage into Hand Yard, which is but ordinary, and falls into Thames street. And on the same side is the Cheker Inn, which hath a Gate or Passage into Dowgate Hill, an Inn of no great Account, being chiefly for Livery Stables and Horses.

Great Bush Lane.



Plumbers Hall.

Hand yard.

Checker Inn.

Little Bush Lane, of small Account, comes out of Geat Bush Lane, and with a turning Passage, falls into Thames street.

Little Bush Lane.

Doublehand Court very ordinary.

Double Hand Court.

Dowgate Hill is of such a great Descent towards Thames street, that in great and sudden Rains, the Water here comes down from other Streets with that Swiftness, that it oftimes causeth a Flood in the lower Part. This Street is large and open, the Houses well built and inhabited. On the West side, near unto Budge Row, is the Churchyard of S. John Evangelist, where formerly the Church stood, not being rebuilt since the Great Fire of London burnt it down, and the Parish is united to Alhallows Breadstreet. But this is in Walbrook Ward. Adjoining to the Churchyard Wall, is Cloak Lane, which runs Westward to College Hill: Of this Lane only the South side is in this Ward, the other part being in Vintry Ward. On this Hill is seated Tallowchandlers Hall, a very neat Building. It hath a square Court with a freestone Pavement in the midst, and cloistered round, the Rooms over being sustained by Stone Pillars very neat.

Dowgate Hill.

S. John Evangelist.

Cloak Lane.

Tallowchandlers Hall.

A little more Southward, is seated Skinners Hall, a large and graceful Building, with a spacious Court paved with Freestone, at the Entrance hath a large Gate with the Companies Arms over it. The Hall is spacious with several other good Rooms for Reception. Insomuch that this Hall is oft made use of either by the Maior or one of the Sheriffs, during their Office, as fit to entertain so great a Resort of People.

Skinners Hall.

Elbow Lane so called from its bending from Dowgate with an Elbow to Thames street. Out of this Great Elbow Lane, overagainst S. Michaels Royal Church, is little Elbow Lane, which is that part that makes the Bending, and falls into Thames street, a Place of no great account.

Little Elbow Lane.

There are to watch at the several Stands in this Ward every Night, a Constable, a Beadle and 36 Watchmen.

The Watch.

The Jurymen returned by the Wardmote Inquest for this Ward, are to serve in the several Courts in Guildhall in the Month of October.]


It hath an Alderman, his Deputy, Common Counsellors 9, Constables 8, Scavengers 5, for the Wardmote Inquest 14, and a Beadle. It is taxed to the Fifteen, 28l. *

The Government.

*In London at 36l. and in the Exchequer, at 34l. 10s.

The Alderman of this Ward is, Sir Francis Forbes, Knt.

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