Walbrook Ward. 191

Walbrook Ward.


The Bounds. St. Swithens Church, London Stone. Stocks Market. St. Mary Woolchurch. St. Stephen Walbrook. St. Johns upon Walbrook. St. Mary Bothaw. Whether Henry Fitz Alwyne was buried there. The present State of this Ward.

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WALBROOK Ward beginneth at the West End of Candlewick Street Ward. It runneth down Candlewick Street, West toward Budge Row. It hath on the North side thereof Saint Swithens Lane, so called of St. Swithen, a Parish Church by London Stone. This Lane is replenished (on both the sides) with fair builded Houses, and is wholly of Walbrook Ward.

Walbrook Ward.

The Bounds.

The Parish Church of St. SWITHEN.


The said Parish Church of St. Swithen standeth at the South West Corner of this Lane, and hath been lately new builded. For Licence was procured to new build and encrease the Church and Steeple and Churchyard in the year, 1420.

St. Swithen.

This Church hath had no repair since the years of our Lord, 1607, and 1608. In the first of which it was begun to be repaired, Richard Glover and Thomas Wood, Churchwardens. And in the last fully beautified and finished at the Cost and Charge of the Parishioners.



Thomas Wood,
Richard Hewit,

Sir John Hend, Draper, Maior, was an especial Benefactor thereunto, as appeareth by his Arms in the Glass Windows, even in the tops of them; which is in a Field Silver, a chief Azure, a Lion passant Silver, a Cheveron Azure, three Escalops Silver. He lyeth buried in the body of this Church, with a fair Stone laid on him, but the Plates and other Inscriptions are defaced.

Benefactors; and Persons here buried.

This Church having been burnt down by the great Fire, was built in an octangular Form, with a fine fret Cieling, but without any Pillar.]


J. S.



Roger Depham, Alderman, was buried there.

Thomas Aylkesbourgh, William Neve, and Matilde Caxton, founded Chauntries, and were buried there.

John Butler, Draper, one of the Sheriffs, 1420.

Raph Jocoline, Maior, a Benefactor, buried in a fair Tomb.

William White, Draper, one of the Sheriffs, 1482. and others.

Rob. Tatersal, Citizen and Clothworker, buried in the Church of S. Swithins, near the Door of St. Katharines Chapel, gave by his Will dated Sept. 8. 1429. his Manor of Wansted in Essex to his Wife Anne, for her Life: And after, to his Son John Tatersal. Item, He bequeathed xxs. Pro Consolatione, Confortatione, & Dispor- tatione, inde faciend. & habend. in esculentis, & poculentis, inter iuvenes, homines servientes & Apprenticios artis meæ pannar. in Candelwyk Street, Lond. ad orand. pro aia mea. He was Sheriff, Ann. 1422.]

Rob. Tatersal.

St. Swithen.

E. Al.

Stephanus Slanie, Miles, Senator, Vicecomes & Prætor florentissimæ istius Urbis; Cum summa fide, nec minore prudentia iis Honoribus functus fuisset, Et ex Margareta Conjuge, Filia Gaspari Phesant, Armig. quinque fillios & sex filias suscepisset: Tandem satur annis, ætatis 84. Salutis, 1608. Decembris 27. Animam Cœlo, corpus humo reddidit.

A fair Tomb in the East end of the North Ile.

A. M.

Stephanus, filior. natu maximus, superstite Anna unica filia ex Catharina, filia Walteri Aston, Militis, Obiit. Gasparus & Thomas Cœlibes, Richardus Biennis, Timotheus Bimestris obierunt: Maria primogenita superstes, nupta primum Richardo Broadgate, Mercatori, deinde Humphry Weld, Militi, Maiori istius Civitatis: Alicia moritur, Elizabetha superstes nupta Samueli Lennard, Militi. Alicia obiit: Anna nupta Thomæ Culpepper, Armig, cui cum tres liberos superstites peperisset, è vita migravit. Martha Cœlebs expiravit.

In Obitum viri verè, Venerabilis, Domini Joannis Hart, Equitis, olim hujus Civitatis Prætoris, & hujus Ecclesiæ Patroni, Carmen Funebre.

QVis laudes memorare     
tuas? Quis facta valebit
Nuper ad ætheros,     
Harte, reverse polos?
Quis genium, ingenium,     
magnæque capacia Curæ
Pectora, Londino     
pectora grata tuo?
Aspice qui dubitas,     
surgentia culmina Musis,
Illa sub arctois     
qua jacet ora plagis,
Nunc obiit. Cohibe
lachrymas, nec credito, Lector,
Vitam, quæ fuerat     
non nisi sancta, brevem.

A goodly Tomb, East, in the upper end of the South Ile.

This Sir John Hart had two Wives: And one Daughter married to Sir George Bolls, and another to Humfry Smith, Alderman.

Neere this place lyeth the body of the Worshipfull, Randal Manning, Esquire, Merchant Adven-

A fair Monument in the South Wall of the Church.