Bridge Ward within. Charitable Gifts. 178

Bridge Ward within. Charitable Gifts.

John Sturgeon, Haberdasher, Chamberlain of London.

[Philip Cushen , or Corsine, a Florentine, and a famous Merchant, 1600.]

On a Tomb.

To the Memory of James Bunce, Esq; sometime Burgess of the Parliament for this City, married Mary Daughter of George Holmeden of Kent, Gent. By whom he had 7 Children, whereof living at the time of his Decease, James his eldest Son, who married Sarah Daughter of Thomas Gipps, Esq; Matthew and Mary, Wife of Mr. John Langham of this City Merchant. He departed this Life the 26th of January, Anno 1631. Aged 68.


When Death cuts off a Branch from Earths worn Stem,
Faith, Hope transports the Soul to Heavens Diadem.

On a Gravestone there.

Here lyeth James Bunce Esq; that departed this Life the 26th of January, Anno 1631. And Mary his Wife, that dyed the 2d of October, 1612.

Queen ELIZABETH's Monument.


ELIZABETH Queen of England, France, and Ireland, Daughter of King Henry VIII. by Anne Bullen his Wife. She dyed at Richmond the 24th March 1602. being 69. Years, 6 Months and 17 Days old, when she had reigned 44 Years, 4 Months and 7 Days.

As in the Figure of a Book, this written.

They that put their Trust in the Lord are even as the Mount of Sion, which may not be removed, but standeth firm for ever.

On the one side, thus.

Britain's Blessing, England's Splendor, Religion's Nurse, the Faith's Defender.

On the other side thus.

Spain's Rod, Rome's Ruine, Netherlands Relief, Heaven's Gem, Earth's Joy, World's Wonder, Nature's Chief.

Under her.

If Royal Vertues ever crown'd a Queen,
If ever Mildness shined in Majesty,
If ever Honour honoured true Renown,
If ever Courage dwelt with Clemency,
If ever Princess put all Princes down,
For Temperance, Prowess, Prudence, Equity,
This, this was she, that in despight of Death,
Lives still admir'd, ador'd ELIZABETH.]

Some few flat Stones with Inscriptions have been laid upon Persons buried here, since the rebuilding of the Church. As in the Chancel upon Frances Rayney, only Daughter of Tho. Gibbes of Watergal in the County of Warwick, Esq; deceased 1690. She was the Wife of Sir John Rayney, Knt. and Bart. And some Children of Edward Rayney and Anne his Wife, Son of the said Dame Frances.

Late Monuments.

J. S.

In the Body of the Church, Roger Mingay, 1688, with his Mother Mary Badger, 1678. And two Daughters, Anne and Elizabeth.

Upon a Grave Stone at the North side of the Chancel, is an Inscription, That underneath was buried Richard Bourne, Late of Enfield in the County of Middlesex, Gent. who married Elizabeth Daughter of George Young of the County of York, Gent. By whom he had Issue George, who married Mary second Daughter of Erasmus Smith, Esq; and Elizabeth who married Thomas Draper Citizen and Mercer of London. He departed July 4, 1707. Aged 62.

Mr. Tho. Draper aforesaid, deceased 16. Nov. 1705. ætat. 47.



This Parish of S. Benet Grasschurch, enjoyeth these charitable Gifts.

Gifts and Charities.

It hath 3l. per Ann. out of certain Lands in Eastham.

J. S.

And 2l. per Ann out of the Cat and Fiddle in Grasschurch Street. This and the former Sum, to be laid out in Coals for the Poor.

A Gift of 50l. to the Parish, to purchase 50s. per Ann. to be given to the Poor in necessitous Times. The said 50l. is laid out upon the Purchase of two Houses in Deptford.

Other small Gifts to the Poor.


Money is given to the Parish for Payment of 40s. per Ann. to a Lecture. And 20s. for a Sermon on Christmas Day yearly.

There is a Register kept of the Benefactors Names and Gifts.

Moreover in an ancient Book, they found that Robert Offley the Elder in 30 Eliz. granted a Tenement to Grasschurch, formerly belonging to the Chantry of the Lady Johan Rose, in the Church of S. Benet Grasschurch, and is on the East side of the said Church; to bestow the Rents and Profits thereof towards the repairing of the Body of the said Church; and for repairing and defending the said House: And the Residue of the Rents to good and godly Uses as the Feoffees shall think fit.

Also Will. Jordan by his last Will dated 1610, did give unto Will. More the Rector, and the Churchwardens and their Successors, a Messuage in the same Parish. The Rent and Profits thereof to sustain and support the Works, Ornaments, and other Burthens of the Parish Church. This Messuage adjoyned to the Messuage aforementioned, were both burnt down in the Fire: Rebuilt now, and made into one Messuage by John Butts, Grocer, upon a Lease, and 17l. per Ann. Ground Rent.

Mrs. Doxie, Widdow, gave 50l. for the Puchase of 50s. yearly, to be paid to the Parson for his better Maintenance; supposing he be resident and preach every Sabbath in the Parish Church. This Mr. Dan. Fogg the Lecturer had, because Mr. Halstead the Incumbent did not reside nor preach.

Johan Newton, Widow, Anno 1631, gave by Will 30l. for Payment of 40s. per Ann. to John Doon and Elizabeth his Wife, for their Lives. And afterwards for Maintenance of a Lecture in the said Church.

The Lady Elizabeth Newton also gave to the Minister and Churchwardens, and unto the Antients of the Parish, the Sum of 40l. to be paid to such Minister as her Husband Sir Robert Newton, and after his Decease as the Lady Elizabeth Baker their Daughter; and after her Decease, as the Minister, Churchwardens and Vestrymen, shall chuse. To preach a Sermon upon every Christmas Day, and for a Chaldron of Coals yearly to the most poor Men and Widows.

To the Incumbent of this Parish, belonged a Parsonage House before the Fire. Since it is leased out, and rebuilt at 40s per Ann. for 40 Years.]


At this S. Benets Grasschurch were the Pictures of the Nine Worthies; and amongst them King Henry VIII. standing with the Bible in his Hands and VERBUM DEI written upon it. All these

The Nine Worthies in Grasschurch.

J. S.