Broadstreet Ward. St. Martins Outwich. 118

Broadstreet Ward. St. Martins Outwich.

Quæ natat Oceano     
Zelandia corpus, Olympus
Ipse animam, peregrè     
hoc viscera marmor habet.
A. Hunterus.

Viscera terra Britanna     
tegit, Zelandia corpus,
Sic mea divisit     
funera parce mihi.
I. Meursius.

Here lyeth the Body of Clemens Langley, late Wife of Richard Langley, and Daughter of Thomas Whitton, Gent. and of Joane his first Wife, Daughter of Robert Cresset, Esquire: Who yeelded her Soule to her Redeemer, the last of April, 1603.

Thy zealous Care to serve thy God,     
thy constant Love to Husband deare:
Thy harmlesse heart to every one     
remaines alive, though Corps lye here.

Spes vermis & ego. R.L.
Vivit post funera Virtus. C.L.

Also the 19. Day of March, 1612. Richard Langley her Husband was here buried.

A fair Stone, on the other side of the Table.

Here resteth the Body of the worshipful Mr. Rich. Staper, elected Alderman of this City, 1594. He was the greatest Merchant in his time; the chiefest Actor in discovery of the Trades of Turkey and East India: A Man humble in Prosperity, painful and ever ready in the Affairs publick, and discreetly careful of his private. A liberal House- keeper, bountiful to the Poor: an upright Dealer in the World, and a devout Aspirer after the World to come. Much blest in his Posterity, and happy in his and their Alliances. He dyed the last Day of June, An. Dom. 1608. Intravit ut exiret.

A very goodly Tomb erected in the Wall on the South side of the Church.

Later Monuments of the Dead in the Church of St.Martin's Outwich are these.

In the Chancel.

Before the Communion Table a handsome flat Stone; Importing, that within that Vault was interred the Body of John Tusnail, Merchant: departed Sept. 9. 1699. And Elizabeth his Wife, Daughter of John Jolliff Esq; Oct. 20. 1687. And John Tusnail their eldest Son, 1686.

Later Monuments.

J. S.

Captain Lewis Roberts, Mar. 12. 1640.

And also Anne Roberts, Relict of Lewis, July 24. 1665.

Sir Gabriel Roberts Family lie here.

John Langham, Esq;

Robert Pinchin Citizen and Draper of London. 1645. Mary Pinchin his Wife, 1664.

One Son and three Daughters of William and Rebecca Vincent.

Judith Chambers, Wife of Richard Chambers Esq; 1668.

The Lady Rebecca Vincent, Wife of Sir William Vincent, late Alderman of London, Daughter of the said Chambers, 1671.

Tho. Langham Citizen of London, 1700. and Eleanor his Wife, 1694. And Rebecca their only Child, 1692.

George Sotherton, sometime Master of the Merchant Taylors Company, and a Member of Parliament for the City of London. Dyed 1599. And Elizabeth his Wife, of the Family of the Carills. She deceased 1608. She left 52s. yearly to the Poor of the Parish. Her Daughter Helen, Wife of Dr. Theodore Gulston, erected this Monument for these her deceased Parents.

George Sotherton their Son, ob. 1612.

A Monument in the East Wall of the Chancel near the Vestry for Tho. Clutterbuck, late of the Parish of Kingstanly in the County of Glocester, Gent. Dyed 13 May, 1714. Aged 26.


Also the Body of Jasper Clutterbuck, late Merchant of London. Dyed 23. Jan. 1697. In the 63. Year of his Age.



Sir Henry Rowe allowed 5l. yearly for ever to the Poor of this Parish, to be bestowed in Bread and Coals. And Mrs. Sotherton yearly for ever in Bread, 50s.]

The Charities of this Parish.

The Account of the Charities belonging to this Parish given in, in the Parochial Visitation 1693.


Two Houses in Hamonds Alley in St. Martins Outwich Parish. The one per ann. 8l.

J. S.

The other per ann. 9l.

Two Sermons, the Gift of Mrs. Tayler. to be preached on the 30 Jan. and 29 May: 20s. each Sermon to be paid the Minister. To the Clerk each Sermon 5s. and to the Sexton 2s. 6d.

No House or other Glebe, except the Minister's Residence House next the Church on the South Side.]

Their Table of Gifts and charitable Bequests hang up in their Vestry.]

The aforesaid John Churchman, for William and John Oteswich, (by Licence of H. IV. the sixth of his Reigne) gave the Advouson or Patronage of this Church, four Messuages and 17 Shops with their Appurtenances, in the Parish of St. Martins Oteswich, &c. to the Master and Wardens of Taylors and Linnen Armorers, Keepers of the Guild and Fraternity of St. John Baptist in London, and to their Successors, in perpetual Almes; to be imployed upon the poor Brethren and Sisters. Whereupon, adjoining upon the West End of this Parish Church, the said Master and Wardens builded, about a proper quadrant or squared Court, seven Almes-houses. Wherein they placed seven Almes-men of that Company, and their Wives, (if they had Wives) Each of these seven, of old time, had 14 Pence the Week; but now of later time, their Stipend by the said Master and Wardens hath been augmented to the Sum of 26 Shillings the Quarter, which is 5l. 4s. the Year, to each of them, beside Coales. More, to each of them 20s. the Year, by Gift of Walter Fish, sometime Master of that Company, and Taylor to her Majesty.

Tailors and Linnen Armorers their Almshouses in Broadstreet Ward: looke more in Portsoken Ward.

Some small distance from thence is the Merchant-Taylors Hall, pertaining to the Guild and Fraternity of St. John Baptist, time out of mind called Taylors and Linnen Armorers of London. For I find that King Edward the first, in the 28. of his Reigne, confirmed this Guild by the Name of Taylors and Linnen Armorers, and also gave to the Brethren thereof, Authority every yeere at Midsummer to hold a Feast, and to choose unto them a Governour or Master, with Wardens. Whereupon, the same yeere, 1300. on the Feast Day of the Nativity of Saint John Baptist, they chose Henry de Ryall to be their Pilgrim. For the Master of this Mystery (as one that travelled for the whole Company) was then so called, untill the 11. Yeere of Richard the second: and the foure Wardens were then called Purveyors of Almes, (now called Quarterage) of the said Fraternity.

Taylors and Linnen Armorers Hall.

Guild of St. John Baptist.

The Antiquity of the Tailors Feast by Authority.

The Master of this Company called their Pilgrim.

The Wardens Purveyers of Alms.

This Merchant-Taylors Hall, sometime pertaining to a worshipful Gentleman, named Edmond Crepin, [Dominus Crepin, after some Record] he, in the yeere of Christ, 1331. the sixth of Edward the third, for a certaine Summe of Money to him paid, made his Grant thereof, by the Name of his principal Messuage, in the Wards of Cornhill and Broadstreet, (which Sir Oliver Ingham, Knight, did then hold) to John of

Tailors purchase their Hall.