Honourable Citizens. 281

Honourable Citizens.

The Worth of Citizens. Supply their Princes Occasions for present Money. Citizens called upon to receive Knighthood. Citizens of Wealth and Honour. Sir Thomas Gresham. Sir Baptist Hicks. Several worthy Maiors formerly. Valor of Citizens. Their Loyalty. Their Wisdom. Extraordinary Honours done to the City by Kings and Nobles. Offices and Places belonging to the City. Liveries and Fees anciently given, and paid annually by the City, to Persons of Honour, &c.

A Great deal hath been spoken (and yet all but very imperfect Collections) of the Noble Liberality and Charity of the Citizens from Time to Time: Whence Honour and Reputation hath deservedly been derived to the City.

The City's Honour by their Citizens.

J. S.

But the Citizens of London have had divers other commendable Qualifications, which have contributed also to the Ennobling thereof: As, namely, Their vast Wealth, and Generous Employment of it; their Loyalty and their Valour, together with their Wisdom and Learning.

To give some scattering Hints of each.

The City, by the Benefit of its Trade, hath always been very opulent; and many of its Members have arrived to overgrown Estates: Which they have made use of very commendably, either for the present Supplies and Assistances of their Princes, (which they have often done) or for some other Publick Good.

Wealth of Citizens, and their Employment of it commendable.

When King Edward the Third was resolved upon an Expedition to France, with an Intent to recover his Right there, in the 13th of that King, the Parliament gave him a Tax: But the Citizens supplied him with present Money; he borrowing of them 20000 Marks, to be repaid of the Money coming of the foresaid Grant. Which Money was levied of every Ward in the City. Fabian shews what every Ward was cessed at; some more, some less. And I observe these Men of Note for the chiefest Wealth:

K. Edward III. borrows of the City.

Fabian's Chron. f.207.

William de Bracklesworth;of the Tower Ward,lent 100l.
John de Cawston,of Billingsgate Ward,lent 200l.
Aleyn Guyll,of the same Ward,200l.
John Lovekyne,of Bridge Ward,200l.
John Malwayne,
Ralph de Lenone,
of the same Ward,200l.
Henry Pycard,
Barth. Freslyng,
Will. Lenglyshe,
of Dowgate Ward,200l.
200 Mar.
200 Mar.
Tho. Harwold,
John Peche,
of Langborn Ward, 100l.
100 Ma.
John Adam,
John Bery,
Sim. Pyslour, Pepperer,
Adam de Bery,
John Nott,
of Walbroke Ward.
Adam Frauncestre,
Simon Browne,
John de S. Albon,
of Billingsgate Ward.
Augustin Wales,of Limestreet Ward.
John Coleyne,
Robert Manhale,
Drapers, of Cornhill Ward.
Barthol. Thomazine, Mercer,
Steph. Caundysh, Draper,
William Holbech,
John Harward,
John Dolsobye,
John Fawkys,
James Naware,
of Cheap Ward.
Tho. Legg, Skinner, 300l.
John Harwardstoke,
of Bredstreet Ward.
Walter Turk, Fishmonger,
John Stodaye, Vintner,
Simon Bolseley,
John Rothynge,
of the Vintry Ward.
Adam Brabeson,of Bredstreet Ward.
Richard Kislingbury,
John of Gloucester,
of Queenhith Ward.
Sir Andrew Awbrey, L. Maior,
lent 800l.
William de Cawston,
James Andrew,
Thomas Brandon,
William of Worcester,
John Bechampe,
John Hall,
John Bull,
John Wardby,
William Hamsteed,
All of Cordwainer Street.
A Rich Ward, as appears by all these wealthy Men in it.
Gilbert Staindroppe,of Faringdon Ward within.
Rich. Lazar, Mercer,
Simon de Bedyngton,
of Cripplegate Ward.
Simon de Frauncis: This Man lent
800l. as much as the L. Maior
did. He was Maior in the Year
Henry of War,
John Deny,
of Colemanstreet Ward.

The rest of the Wards are mentioned; but no particular Names of wealthy Persons contributing largely, as these beforementioned did.