A Second APPENDIX.12


Anno 1654. City of Westminster.
Tho. Lathom, Esq; Tho. Falconberge, Esq;

City of London.
Thomas Foot, Alderman, William Steel, Sergeant at Law, Recorder, Thomas Adams, John Langham, Samuel Avery, Andrew Riccard, Esqs.

Samuel Highland, Esq; Robert Warcupp, Esq;

Anno 1656. City of Westminster.
Edward Cary, Esq; Edward Grosvenor, Esq;

City of London.
Thomas Foot, Alderman, Sir Christopher Pack, Kt. Alderman, Thomas Adams, Richard Browne, Theophilus Biddulph, John Jones, Esqrs.

Samuel Highland, Peter de la Noy, Esqrs.

Anno 1659. City of Westminster.
Richard Sherwyn, Esq; Edward Grosvenor, Esq;

City of London.
William Thompson, Esq; Alderman, Theophilus Biddulph, John Jones, Richard Brown, Esqrs.

George Thompson, Esq; Andrew Brewer, Esq;



12, P. at Westm. Tho. Bloodworth, John Langham,
13, ditto, Tho. Bloodworth, Kt. George Moore, * Esq;
30, ditto, Sir Rich. How, Kt. Peter Rich, Esq;
31, ditto, Sir Rich. How, Kt. Peter Rich, Esq;
32, P. at Oxford, Sir Rich. How, Kt. Peter Rich, Esq;

*In his Place deceased, Tho. Clarges, Kt.



1, P. at Westm. Sir Peter Daniel, Kt. Anthony Bowyer, Esq;



1, P. at Westm. Sir Peter Rich, Kt. John Arnald, Esq;
2, ditto, Anthony Bowyer, Esq; John Arnald, Esq;



7, P. at Westm. Anthony Bowyer, Esq; Charles Cox, Esq;
10, ditto, Charles Cox, Esq; John Cholmley, Esq;
12, ditto, The same.
13, ditto, The same.



1, P. at Westm. Charles Cox, Esq; John Chomley, Esq;
7, } Both these Sessions as the former.
9, ditto, Sir Charles Cox, Kt. * John Cholmley, Esq;
12, ditto, John Lade, Esq, Fisher Tench, Esq;

*In his Place deceased, Edmund Halsey, Esq; returned; but by Petition, Sir George Matthews, was admitted.



1, P. at Westm. Sir Fisher Tench, Bar. John Lade, Esq;

BOOK I. P.169, after l.19, Add two other Persons of Rank, that had their Education at St. Paul's School, viz. Dr. Gower, late Master of St. John's College, Cambridge: And George Dodington, Esq; now L. Lieutenant of the County of Somerset, late one of the Lords of the Admiralty.

BOOK II, p.39, a. l. ab im. read Sept. 30.

Ibid. p.114, b. l.21. For one Man's Commodity: In the Margin of Mr. J. Worthington's Book, Mr. H. Robinson is added.

Ibid. p. 145, b. l.37, add, And Thomas Stow, my Brother, and Emanuel Stow, this last Thomas's Son. [This set in the Margin of Mr. J. Worthington's Book, printed 1618.]

BOOK III, p.166, a. l.32. r. Tho. Dockrey.

Ibid. p. 168. b. Marg. r. 16. Ed. 2. m. 2. dors.

BOOK IV, p.4. a. l.ab im. 36, concerning Justices in Southwark. The Justices in London are not now Justices in Southwark. But the City always nameth one who is Justice for Southwark, and for the whole County of Surrey. He always resideth at the Bridge House: And at present this Person is Ralph Harsey, Esq;

Sir Geoge Ludham, Kt.

Ibid. p.7. a l. 24 ab im. Just before The Inhabitants, add, This Church of Christ's Church was Consecrated Decemb. 17, 1671, by the Right Reverend Father in God the Bishop of Rochester, by Commission from the Bishop of Winchester, in whose Diocess it lyeth.

Ibid. p.24, a. Sub imo. The Mills spoken of between Bow and Stratford, as antiently belonging to the Bridge-master, are still to this Day Part of the Revenues of the Bridge House.

Sir G. L. Kt.

Ibid. p.26, b. l. ult. Read, Sir Tho. Abney, Kt. Alderman of Bridge Ward, for Sir George Mertins, who is Alderman of Bridge Ward within.

Ibid. p.28, a. l.13, ab im. Deadman's Place seems to be a Corruption of Word, for Desmond Place, where the Earl of Desmond in Q. Elizabeth's Time dwelt, as it was ingeniously conjectured.

Sir G. L. Kt.

Ibid. p.30, a. l.27. The COUNTER was said there to be a Part of the Marshalsea; whereas it is now the Prison for the Borough under the City of London. It was formerly kept at St. Margaret's Hill, next to the Sessions House: But is lately removed by Order of the City, to a Place in St. Olave's Parish, near Battel Bridge, called, I think, Eglins Gate.

Sir G. L. Kt.

Ibid. p.39. l.23, ab im. The Petition of Page to the L. Treasurer, there mentioned, for Liberty to build upon Wappin Wall, will give a considerable Light into the State of Wappin Marsh in those Times. And therefore I have entered it here from the Original, being endorsed the 13th of Jan. 1583.

"In his most humble Maner sheweth and beseecheth your Honour, your poor Suppliant Wil-"