List of Stage Coaches and Carriers.143

List of Stage Coaches and Carriers.

Wickham Carrier, Sarazen's Head, Friday-street, wednes. George Aldersgate-street, thurs
Windsor Carrier, King's Head Strand, tues. thurs. Coach, White Horse Fleet-street, Checquer Charing-cross, and Bell Savage Ludgate-hill, every Day.
Wisbich Carrier, Bull within Bishopsgate, fri.
Winchester Carrier, Rose Holborn-bridge, mon. thurs. Coach, Angel the Back Side of St. Clement's, tues.
Warrington Carrier, Castle and Faulcon Aldersgate, wednes. thurs. fri. Coach, George ditto, mon. wednes.
Watlington Carrier, Oxford Arms Warwick-lane, fri.
Weston Carrier, at the Horns Smithfield, wednes. Coach, Golden Lion St. John's-street, every Day.
Weebrey Carrier, Horse-shoo Goswel-street, wedn. sat.
Woodford Carrier, Rose Smithfield, thurs. Coach, 3 Nuns within Aldgate every Day.
Walthamstow Coach, ditto.
Wittham Carrier, King's Arms Leadenhall-street, fri.
Wells Carrier, Castle Wood-street, fri.
Walling-end Coach, Bull Aldgate, every Day.
Watford Carrier, George Snow-hill, wednes. sat. Coach, Black Bull Holborn, in Summer Time, every Day.
Whitney Carrier, George Snow-hill thurs. Bull and Mouth Aldersgate, mon.
Wolverhampton Coach, Ram Smithfield, mon.
Wooten-Underidge Carrier, King's Head Old Change sat. Blossom's Inn Lawrence-lane, sat.
Wellingford Carrier, White Horse Friday street, wednes.
Wentidge Carrier, Sarazen's Head ditto, thurs.
Winstow Carrier, Oxford Arms Warwick-lane, wednes. sat.
Waltham-Abby Carrier, Red Lion without Bishopsgate, mon. wednes. fri. Coach, Green Dragon Bishopsgate street, every Day.
Ware Carrier, Dolphin without Bishopsgate, tues. thurs. sat. Coach, ditto.
Walden: vid Saffron Walden.
Woofen Carrier, White Hart Aldersgate street, thurs.
Wakefield Coach, ditto, mon. wednes.
Westram Carrier, Greyhound Southwark, fri.
Worcester Flying Coach, Star in the Strand near Charing-cross, mon. fri. Katherine Wheel Smithfield, fri. George Aldersgate-street, mon. wednes. fri. Carrier, Bell Wood-street, sat. Bull and Mouth Aldersgate, sat. Castle Wood-street, sat. Coach, King's Head Strand, mon. thurs. Checquer Charing-cross, every Day.

YORK Carrier, Bear Basing-lane, fri. Bear Basinghall-street, fri. Coach, Black Swan Holborn, tues. thurs. sat.
Yarmouth Coach, Green Dragon Bishopsgate-street, thurs, sat. Vine ditto, mon.

This is transcribed from a List printed in An. 1707: Since which Time there may be some Alterations in Days and Inns. And therefore, if any such be me with, it will be excusable.

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